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Cell Stress and Chaperones

A multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal that captures the eclectic spirit of the cellular stress response field in a single, concentrated source of current information. Published on Behalf of Cell Stress Society International. ... More

Cell and Tissue Banking

An international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original papers in such areas as quality assurance and control of banked cells and tissues; preservation and sterilization methods; clinical applications of banked cells and tissues. ... More

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Cell Signaling Reactions

Encompasses the exciting developments and challenges in the fast-moving and rapidly expanding research field of single-molecule kinetic analysis of cell signaling that promises to be one of the most significant and exciting areas of biological research. ... More


Folding for the Synapse

Addresses the current view on how protein folding/misfolding and its regulation by molecular chaperones contribute to synapse function and dysfunction. ... More

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The first practical guide to planning, performing and evaluating immunocytochemical experiments.
... More

2nd Edition

The Physical Basis of Biochemistry

An introduction to the philosophy and practice of an interdisciplinary field in which biological systems are explored using the quantitative perspective of the physical scientist.

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NEW: SpringerBriefs in Stem Cells

Briefs are concise volumes published fast and easily.
Learn how to get your own Brief published! ... More

Subcellular Biochemistry

A renowned and well recognized forum for disseminating advances of emerging topics in Cell Biology and related subjects. All volumes are edited by established scientists and the individual chapters are written by experts on the relevant topic. ... More

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