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Optical Nanoscopy

A new peer-reviewed open access journal, accepting submissions! ... More

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

Emphasizes novel findings relevant to the biochemical basis of cellular function and disease processes, as well as the mechanics of action of hormones and chemical agents. ... More

Highlighted Books

Analytical Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Examines the full spectrum of protocols used in contemporary biochemical experimentation. ... More


Prokaryotic Cell Wall Compounds

Topics concerning bacterial and archaeal polymeric cell wall structures, biological activities, growth and inhibition, cell wall interactions and the applications of cell wall components, especially in the field of nanobiotechnology, are presented. ... More

Highlighted Textbooks

Essentials of Biochemistry

This textbook is aimed at chemistry and biochemistry undergraduate students and first year biochemistry graduate students. ... More

2nd Edition

The Physical Basis of Biochemistry

An introduction to the philosophy and practice of an interdisciplinary field in which biological systems are explored using the quantitative perspective of the physical scientist.

Highlighted Book Series

Metal Ions in Life Sciences

This series links coordination chemistry and biochemistry in their widest sense and thus increases our understanding of the relationship between the chemistry of metals and life processes. ... More

Protein Reviews

The series covers all known and unknown aspects of protein investigations. It encompasses protein chemistry, sequence, 3-D structure, biological activity, proteomics, methodology, and more. ... More

Highlighted Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Biophysics

Edited by Gordon C.K. Roberts, this encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of biophysics in 5 volumes. The encyclopedia is available both in print and online. Published in cooperation with EBSA. ... More

Handbook of Computational Chemistry

This new handbook povides an accessible introduction to the methods & concepts of computational & quantum chemistry and reviews applications in Biomolecules & Nanostructures, covering molecular mechanics, quantum mechanics & statistical mechanics calculations. ... More

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