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Dear Librarian, 

Springer MyCopy is the print-on-demand feature available via SpringerLink to the institutions that have licensed access to the Springer eBook Collection.
To learn more about MyCopy, please read the Terms and Conditions below and click on
If you are interested in adding MyCopy, please accept the MyCopy Terms and Conditions, and provide the information requested below so that we can activate MyCopy for you and your patrons.
There is no extra charge to add the MyCopy functionality within your institution.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wouter van der Velde, eProduct Manager eBooks, at wouter.vandervelde@springer.com.

Terms and Conditions 

1. Effective promptly after having accepted these Terms and Conditions, as an additional feature of access to the eBook Collection, your institution will have access to the Springer MyCopy books, which are print-on-demand versions of the eBooks in the eBook Collection.
2. In general, MyCopy books shall be identical to the applicable print-edition and electronically accessed Springer Content versions except that, (a) they shall be bound in soft covers that may be printed in color or black and white, and (b) all content shall be printed in black and white. MyCopy books will have unique ISBN numbers and will not be indexed in bookstore catalogs or in OPAC.
3. During the Term of your eBook License Agreement, MyCopy books may be ordered via print on demand only by Authorized Users as defined in your eBook License Agreement directly from SpringerLink. Each individual Authorized User may order one (1) print-on-demand copy of any eBook from your Collection, with no restrictions as to the number of individual MyCopy book titles that may be so ordered by an Authorized User. Springer may require Authorized Users to click accept as to any reasonable terms and conditions as to the delivery and use of MyCopy books.
4. Access to the options for ordering MyCopy books on SpringerLink shall be provided at the same terminals and facilities as for electronic access to Springer Content as set forth in Section 1 of your eBook License Agreement. In each instance, the applicable price shall be given to the Authorized User prior to his or her agreement to completion of the transaction. Springer, a member of the Springer Group or one or more designees shall process payment and deliver the printed MyCopy books to the address specified by the Authorized User at the time of ordering.
5. For each MyCopy book transaction, the price paid by Authorized Users for the printing, shipping and handling shall be €24.95 per copy, exclusive of VAT. In addition to the payment of € 24.95, VAT, or similar taxes, will be charged depending on the recipient's VAT qualification and country of residence (for taxes similar to VAT respective regulations will be considered). At any time during the term of your eBook License Agreement, Springer shall have the right, without notice, to adjust that price, in its reasonable discretion, as to individual MyCopy book titles or all Springer Content. Prices may vary at any time among MyCopy book titles.

MyCopy Approval: Required Information 

Do you agree to the Terms and Conditions above, and would like Springer to activate your institution for the MyCopy feature? Please choose in the form below.
If you answer yes, please provide your name and contact information below. By providing this information, you are agreeing that you are the decision maker for the Springer eBook Collection at your institution. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.
After filling out the form, and you elected to activate MyCopy at your institution, you will receive an email notification of the Terms and Conditions you have agreed to. Please file or print this email for your records.
If you did not elect to activate MyCopy at your institution, please contact your licensing manager, or Wouter van der Velde, eProduct Manager eBooks, at wouter.vandervelde@springer.com.

Please ensure that this is your correct email address. The email notification with the MyCopy Terms and Conditions will be sent to this address.


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