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SpringerLink App

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While on the go or away from your desk, tap into SpringerLink to access one of the largest collections of scientific information.
SpringerLink is a publication database containing articles and chapters from over 2,500 peer-reviewed journals and over tens of thousands of books – in total, over 6 million documents spanning every area of science, technology and medicine. The SpringerLink app puts this entire collection at your fingertips.


  • Save and share documents
  • Keyword Search
  • Document details - including abstracts
  • Full-Text view (available to institutional subscribers)
  • Display list of Articles/Chapters that match your search
  • Refine search by advanced search criteria
  • Save search

Saving Searches 

One of the most useful features of the SpringerLink app is the save search feature:
  • This feature allow the user to save any advanced search so that it can be quickly executed from the home screen.
This feature also allows the user to be notified from the app’s home screen when any new chapters or articles are published that meet the criteria of a saves search. This feature allows a user to specify their areas of interest and quickly check for new, relevant publications.

Advanced Search by 

  • Publication Level:
    - Journal/Book Title
    - Type (Book/Journal/Book or Journal)
    - Open Access
  • Article/Chapter Level:
    - Keyword
    - Author Name
    - Article/Chapter Title
    - Subject
    - Publication Date

View Article/Chapter Details including 

  • Book/journal cover
  • Article/chapter title
  • Article/chapter authors
  • Book/journal title
  • Publication date
  • Abstract
  • Citation information

Execute Related Search by 

  • Keyword
  • Publication Title
  • Author name
  • Subject

Share by 

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Interactive features 

  • Copy abstract
  • Copy citation
  • Save to “Saved Items” List
  • Request full text view

Viewing article/chapter full text requires authorized access by 

  • IP (Wireless, VPN or Proxy)
  • Username/Password

Full text access process 

If the user is connected to the network of a subscriber institution by wireless, VPN, or Server Proxy, then they will automatically receive access to any documents to which their institution subscribes.
If they are not connected to the network of a subscriber institution but they have a username and password that have been authorized to provide them with access, upon requesting an article, the user will be presented with a list of connection options. Within this list the user will find a link to log into SpringerLink.com.
By following this link, the user will be brought to a page within SpringerLink.com where they can enter their username a password and log in. Upon successful log in, the user will be redirected to the pdf of the full text chapter or article that was originally requested.