Customer Experiences

Vania Sabatini, Agenzia Regionale Sanità, Italy

The Regional Health Agency of Tuscany (ARS) is an advisory body that produces data, statistics and evaluates public health on behalf of the Tuscany region.

The Agency was established in 1998-2000 – which coincidentally was also the year that its partnership with Springer began. “We became a Springer customer in 2000,” commented Vania Sabatini, Librarian. “The main reason for this was because the Agency started its activities that year and we needed to subscribe to the most qualified journals on Public Health to support these activities.”

The Agency has access to 14 Springer journals from Springer’s Medicine and Biomedical and Life Sciences packages, as well as access to the Earth and Environmental Science, Medicine and Medizin (German) ebook packages, which provide essential information for the agency’s staff.

“We really value Springer’s content and full-text availability. Both (qualified content and full-text access) are essential tools that help me do my job!” said Vania. They are also essential tools for the agency staff, whose wide remit of responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating the status of public health within Tuscany and identifying and monitoring the key determinants that affect health – Alcohol, Nutrition, physical activity and body weight, Environment, Dependencies and Smoking;
  • Assessing the quality of regional policies in health care and monitoring the outcomes of health interventions, in particular assessing if the services meet the actual needs of the Tuscan population; and
  • Conducting research.

Through its numerous projects, the agency can monitor the status of the region’s health and put in place the systems and interventions required to support health issues. Particular attention is paid to women’s health and neonatal care, men’s health and health and care of the elderly.

Given the diversity of the population, Vania found that Springer’s content provided the depth and breadth of information required to address the differing healthcare needs.

"Springer’s wide range of content coupled with its easy to use platform helped shaped our purchase decision. Springer’s products are interesting and relevant for our health professionals, clinical staff and researchers. Plus Springer’s friendly and professional staff have an abundance of knowledge to answer any queries that may arise.”

When asked to sum up what partnering with Springer meant for her agency, Vania commented, “Springer provides excellent products, which are delivered with excellent service. I really don’t think they could improve any further and I’d be happy to recommend Springer products to others.”