Benefit by reviewing textbooks online

  • Textbooks are available online 24/7, instantly
  • Bookmarking allows you a direct one-click access to your copy
  • A read aloud functionality is offered (aka text to speech)
  • Our web-based online reader works on every operating system, regardless of platform
  • No software to install
  • The reader allows customers to take and share notes, highlight text, and bookmark pages

How our online textbook reader works

  1. Go to a textbook page of your choice on
  2. Click on the button ACCESS TEXTBOOK EXAM COPY on the top right side
  3. Log in with your existing user name and password, or create new account on
  4. your instructor information (if this is not already in your account profile)
  5. Access Online Textbook Examination Copy.

International English textbook examination policy

  1. Examination copies of textbooks are provided upon request to instructors who wish to evaluate a text for possible course adoption. Desk copies are provided to instructors who register a required course adoption and provide an evaluation and rating of the textbook.
  2. Online Examination Copies (OEC) in PDF are the preferred format that Springer provides to instructors who wish to evaluate a book for possible course adoption.
  3. This service is only available to instructors and lecturers affiliated with a university or other teaching institution. The instructor or his agent must submit bone fide credentials such as the university web site or a picture identification card.
  4. Instructors are required to fill in an online examination copy request for both OEC and print copies that provides course details such as the course name, starting date and number of expected students.
  5. OEC textbooks have Digital Rights Management and are time-limited. Print examination copies are limited in number and per instructor.
  6. Solution manuals and other extra materials, when they exist, are free of charge but password protected and will be made available by download only to registered instructors who have submitted adequate identification and course information.
  7. Full versions of software or CD-ROM’s are not subject to our free examination copy program.
  8. Forms and instructions for complying with this policy are posted on the Springer web site for instructors

Please allow delivery time of up to 4-6 weeks for print copies depending on customer country. This document supersedes all previous policy documents for textbook inspection copies.



If you have any questions about Springer’s examination copy process or policies, please feel free to contact us at