New Editor-in-Chief, Professor Thomas Hillen

Professor Thomas HillenThomas Hillen (he/him) is a professor in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the University of Alberta. His main research interests include the mathematical modeling of cancer, cancer  growth, diagnosis, and treatment with an emphasis on cell movement behavior. He applies these movement models to a much wider range of fields beyond cancer, such as chemotaxis, wolf movement on inhomogeneous habitats, sea turtle orientation, and forest fire spread. His tools range from dynamical systems to partial differential equations to stochastic models. Over the years he has developed a keen interest in the scientific publication landscape, cherishing traditional publications in high profile journals and exploring new media such as online blogs and online videos. He has published about 90 journal papers, 6 textbooks, 5 online blogs and about 150 instructional videos. 

Dr. Hillen obtained his PhD in 1995 under supervision of Karl Hadeler, one of the founders of the Journal for Mathematical Biology. 

It is a great honor for him to continue this legacy. He is excited to serve the community as co-Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Mathematical Biology.