Call For Papers for Special Issue: Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Risk Assessment of Emerging Pollutants in Environmental Matrices

Special Issue: 
Environmental monitoring, modelling and risk assessment of emerging pollutants in environmental matrices

Guest Editors
Paromita Chakraborty
SRM Research Institute
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur

Bommanna G. Loganathan
Department of Chemistry and Watershed Studies Institute
Murray State University, USA 

Magdalena Urbaniak
Department of Applied Ecology
University of Lodz, Poland

Quality of our life depends on the quality of our environment. Emerging new pollutants in the global environment is of concern due to their harmful effect on environment and health. Most of these new pollutants are man-made chemicals that occur in the environment at trace levels (i.e. up to parts per billion range). Human activities contribute to environmental contamination of these compounds well above a natural background levels. Several thousands of chemicals fall into this category and hundreds of these chemicals have been widely studied owing to their deleterious effects on the environment, wildlife and human health. These compounds . Rapid urbanization and industrialization leading to emission of diverse range of such contaminants poses a multi-faceted challenge including establishing baseline levels, screening techniques, monitoring routines, fate and transport trends and risk assessments. In spite of growing body of literature in this segment, an immediate need to ascertain the status of emerging pollutants in different geographical regions becomes imperative. Hence this special issue is organised as part of the proceedings of the international conference organised by SRM Institute of Science & Technology on “Recent Advances in Science, Technology & Health - 2021”.

The scope of this special issue includes but is not limited to:
Novel assays, tools, screening, analytical methods, and modelling approaches;Air, water and soil pollution due to emerging pollutants;Modeling the fate and transport of emerging pollutants;Risk assessment of emerging pollutants in biotic and abiotic matrices;The environmental occurrences, sources, risk assessment and physico-chemical characteristics of emerging pollutants; Biotic exposure to emerging pollutants; Suggestions regarding policies and legislation to warrant further attention;

Last date for Manuscript submission
15th July 2021

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