Call for Book Reviews

Quality & Quantity (Q&Q) will resume the book review section to be more inclusive and representative of the diversity and discipline specialization. We are therefore inviting reviews of books on topics relevant to developments in research methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative, in the disciplines such as data and information sciences, humanities and social sciences. Q&Q is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that provides an outlet for discussion of research methodology and practices relating to social, cultural, and political issues in a globalized world. The book reviews serve the purpose of providing a critical, comprehensive, and concise review of publications with respect to methodological tools and approaches across a wide range of social science disciplines and perspectives. This section should enable the readers of Q&Q to gauge the extent to which a particular book will be beneficial to them relative to the time, effort, and costs of acquiring and reading it.

Scholars and researchers in sociology, psychology, communication, political science, mathematics, statistics, and other areas, who are interested in the methodologies used in the study of social science are welcome to submit book reviews to Q&Q. Book reviews are either solicited by the editor or may be offered unsolicited by prospective reviewers. Calls for book reviews related to a specific theme issue will be constantly updated on this site. General reviews are welcome at all times. Reviews of books beyond Western scholars are particularly encouraged. Books should be related in some way to the scholarly analysis and critique of research methodologies. The book must be a publication (since 2018) and appeal to an international readership.

The book review should be 1000-1500 words in length, and include the following aspects:

1) A brief summary of book’s information, including author(s) or editor(s) first and last name(s), title of book, year of publication, name of publisher, total page number, and price.

2) A concise overview of the book’s primary themes;

3) A critical analysis of the book’s significance to scholarship and practice by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses, relevance to the field, and comparison of others works on this subject.

4) References, if applicable.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Book Review Editor of ‘’Quality and Quantity’’, Dr. Céline Yunya Song, at

When your submission has been received, the review editor will consider your review and contact you if additional information or revisions are needed. A copyeditor will make final corrections before the final publication.

Please direct any further questions to Dr. Céline Yunya Song, Book Review Editor, at