Call for Papers: Intelligent and Innovative Solutions for Future Communication Networks


With the rapid development of social economy, human needs have gradually risen from basic survival needs to the pursuit of quality of life, so more and more emerging technologies have emerged. Especially artificial intelligence, how to apply it to next-generation communication systems and networks is a hot spot in the industry that researchers are chasing. This technology provides new ways of thinking and solutions for communications. In addition, other emerging communication methods are also constantly creating opportunities and challenges in signal processing, resource optimization, and subject integration, attracting attention of academics, industries, and governments.

Building a comprehensive and intelligent network system is a long and difficult process. Breaking through bottlenecks and technical problems from each aspect of the system is an important strategy to promote its development, such as radar imaging, image processing, navigation and positioning. Therefore, innovative and potential theories and technologies will have full development prospects.

In this special issue, we are looking for novel concept and promising developments, which can promote the rapid development of the future networks and provide wireless researchers with a variety of intelligent and innovative solutions.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following scope:

  • Advantages of deep learning in SAR
  • Emerging research paradigm towards future networks
  • AI applications in ubiquitous communication systems
  • Application of coding technology in interdisciplinary studies
  • Advanced signal processing towards future NTN communications
  • Edge computing resource prediction in content delivery networks
  • Edge intelligence resource optimization in mobile networks

Important Dates

Manuscript submission deadline: June 25th, 2021Notification of acceptance: July 20th, 2021Submission of final revised paper: August 5th, 2021Publication of special issue (tentative): October,2021

Submission Procedure

Authors should follow the MONET Journal manuscript format described at the journal site. Manuscripts should be submitted on-line through

A copy of the manuscript should also be emailed to the Guest Editors at the following email address(es) ………..

Guest Editors:

Shuo Shi, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China. (Email:

Wei Xiang, La Trobe University, Australia. (Email:

Xiaofei Wang, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China. (Email:

Mingqian Liu, Xidian University, China. (Email:

The list of best selected papers


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Corresponding author

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Analysis of The Influence of Convolutional Layer in Deep Convolutional Neural Network on SAR Target Recognition




Towards Knowledge-Driven Mobility Support

Yu Zhang



Campus Bullying Detecting Algorithm Based on Surveillance Video

Liang Ye



Compact Miniature MIMO Array Antenna towards Millimeter Wave

Xiangcen Liu



Coding Technology of Building Space Marking Position

Jichang Cao


will be recommended by Prof. Xiaofei Wang(


will be recommended by Prof. Xiaofei Wang(