Empirical Software Engineering: Industrial Experience Reports

The Empirical Software Engineering journal (Springer) seeks the submission of industrial experience reports. The goal is to report results regarding the application of software technologies (such as processes, methods, or tools) and their effectiveness in industrial settings. This interest stems from the increasing realization that the journal needs to provide insights resulting from the industrial experience of software development to the software engineering community at large. These experience reports would not only be useful for researchers to identify relevant research questions, but they would also be useful for software development organizations to share relevant information.

An industrial experience report would be expected to address the following items at a minimum:

  • Describe the context from which results are reported: organization, problem domain, projects, products, processes
  • Describe the software technologies (such as processes, methods, or tools) that are assessed and why they are important
  • Provide effectiveness and efficiency data leading to the assessment of the technologies
  • Interpret the results, explain their consequences, and draw conclusions
  • Discuss the limitations of the results and conclusions

Industrial experience reports may be as concise as an author wishes provided that they cover the above items. They will be clearly labeled as industrial experience reports to indicate that different criteria are used to review them. Note that the journal encourages the submission of both positive and negative experiences.

As opposed to regular research papers, industrial experience reports do not need to necessarily: 

  • Discuss novel ideas
  • Discuss related published work in the literature

For more information, please contact: 

Robert Feldt 

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, 

Chalmers University of Technology



Thomas Zimmermann

Senior Researcher

Microsoft Research