Free OCLC MARC records

Institutions that require a more enhanced version of MARC records may obtain OCLC MARC records from OCLC, free of charge.

MARC records for Springer eBook collections are available free to Springer customers through OCLC.

OCLC is changing the interface for Springer MARCs from Collection Sets, which are going away, to a new interface called Collection Manager (WorldShare). Records will continue to be free to customers and the new interface is currently available. Please see OCLC's page for more information.

OCLC control numbers

Libraries also have the option of downloading the records themselves from WorldCat using lists of OCLC control numbers provided by Springer on, and the batch processing capabilities of the OCLC Connexion client cataloging software.

Available OCLC control numbers (xlsx) (updated 21 Dec 2016)

OCLC sample

Click for a sample OCLC MARC record (pdf, 20 kB)