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Medicine, magic and morality

Heidelberg, 20 February 2018

Governments must legislate to regulate and restrict the sale of complementary and alternative therapies, conclude authors of new book More Harm Than Good.

'Interceram' and 'Keramische Zeitschrift' to supplement the Springer Professional portal

Wiesbaden, 12 February 2018

From March 2018 these two long-established ceramics journals will be published by Springer Fachmedien | German-language ‘Keramische Zeitschrift’ and English-language ‘Interceram’ will supplement the Mechanical Engineering + Materials channel on the portal Springer Professional

Nuno Maulide to receive Springer Heterocyclic Chemistry Award 2018

Heidelberg | New York, 12 February 2018

Prize for outstanding research in heterocyclic chemistry goes to young professor from the University of Vienna