Customer Experiences

Alice Haddadin, King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan

The King Hussein Cancer Center opened its doors in 1997, the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by the Jordanian people and its government. The Center was established initially to bring order to the disparate distribution of cancer care across Jordan at the time, and to ensure that all Jordanians whether rich or poor, had access to essential treatment and support. It was also tasked with improving public awareness of cancer through education and training.

Now a leading cancer institute, the Centre supports patients across the Middle East and internationally and is currently undergoing major renovation and expansion works to increase the number of people it can treat. The Center also contributes significantly to cancer research. From its initial review of patient case histories to inform further studies, the Center moved into clinical trials as the need to identify new treatments and medicines grew. The Center is also entering a new phase in its research history; translational research. In conjunction with Jordanian and American universities, it is exploring cancer and related treatments to learn more about how these can enhance the concept of individualized medicine.

In order to achieve this, it is essential that researchers and medical staff have access to the latest information on cancer and palliative care. In 2008, the Center began its partnership with Springer to provide access to books and journals. “We decided to choose Springer content because it is relevant for all our specialists and users,” said Alice Haddadin, Head of the Central Library. “Researchers have access to the latest journal articles on cancer, as well as the latest books published on the subject. They appreciate the images included in the articles which helps put the text-based content into context.” Today the Center uses more than 400 Springer journals and more than 200 ebooks from 11 different subject collections including Behavioral Science, Business and Economics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Earth and Environmental Science, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law and Medicine.

Another factor that helped cement the purchase decision was Springer’s dedication to open access. “Springer is one of the oldest health and medical publishers in the world; it is also one of the best!” commented Alice. “Springer is also the largest open access publisher. Making sure our researchers have access to all relevant information is key to the success of their research, and this means accessing paid for and freely available information. With Springer all pertinent information is seamlessly integrated.”

In her final comments, Alice described Springer as providing “scientific, professional, and intensive research.” But are there any specific features or benefits that she would recommend? “With Springer, it’s the whole package – they work with us like a team and respond to our needs accordingly. Our final requirement was an interface specifically designed for health professionals. With the release of the new Hospitals and Health platform our needs are now complete.”