Customer Experiences

Franco Toni, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy

The Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) is a leading technical-scientific body of the Italian National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale). Falling under the supervision of the Ministero della Salute (Ministry of Health), the ISS carries out research, counselling, training and consultation for public health protection. With this wide range of responsibilities comes the remit to cater for the information needs of a diverse user base. And with such an important role, not only in Italian society but within the medical world, it is essential that the ISS has partners that can help it to maintain the level of quality that its users have come to expect.

For more than 30 years, the ISS library has been a Springer customer. Springer is renowned globally for its high impact research and depth and breadth of subject coverage, enabling organisations such as the ISS to offer resources that meet the different requirements of its departments. Speaking of the decision making process at ISS, Franco Toni, Library Director, said “The decision to purchase Springer journals is made by a committee. All departments of the institute are represented and the final selection of titles chosen is based on their ability to address these requirements. We look at a number of areas including impact factor, depth of available backfile as well as significance for research.”

Today, ISS has access to journals from Springer’s Biomedical and Life Sciences, Chemistry and Materials Science, Medicine and Physics and Astronomy collections. ISS have also purchased numerous Springer monographs at the request of their researchers. As Franco continued, “Usage has been really good across all our content which is one of the reasons why we’ve stayed with Springer for such a long time. Springer content is highly regarded for its importance in biomedical fields, plus we have great coverage – from historical journals through to up-to-the minute access to the latest research.”

But in these times of austerity, buying the right, most authoritative content that users require is just one part of the purchase decision – cost and return on investment play a significant role too. Franco concurred, “The cost / benefit ratio, the return on investment, the relevance of the articles and the prestige of the journals are, for me, the key benefits of partnering with Springer. We also value the support Springer gave us throughout the purchase process, as well as their ongoing excellent customer service. If an organization wants access to important and interesting research from a respected and helpful publisher, then I recommend they consider Springer.”