Institutional customers

In the Springer shop you can choose if you want to buy as an individual customer or as a corporate customer.

Buying on behalf of a company or institution

If you intend to buy on behalf of a company or institution, please select the option "corporate customer" when entering your address. The name of your company will appear on the invoice which is often the precondition for reimbursement.

If you order from a European Union country and if you have a VAT ID, you may enter during the checkout process. In this case, no VAT will be charged by the Springer shop.

In case you are ordering from the US and your institution is tax exempt: The Springer shop currently does not offer the possibility to enter a tax exempt number. If you buy on behalf of an institution that is tax exempt, please contact

Print and eBook bulk sales and individual solutions

If you want to make a Springer book or eBook accessible for your entire institution, company or department, we recommend our bulk sales program. Bulk sales allow you access to deep discounts for a minimum of 20 eBook or print book copies of a single title. For further Information, please contact