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Food Science & Nutrition | Aims and Scope: Catalysis Letters

Aims and Scope: Catalysis Letters

Catalysis Letters is devoted to the development of catalysis and to providing a platform for the exchange of seminal ideas and advances in heterogeneous, homogeneous, and bio-related catalysis. Our aim is to stimulate the cross-fertilization of ideas in order to bring the various sub-disciplines closer together and to facilitate the rapid dissemination of frontier research.

High-quality research reports in Letter format are subject to fast-track peer reviewing within three weeks of submission. Full-length Papers (Feature Articles) are welcome but will be limited in number. Accepted Letters and Papers are published online and subsequently in print. Letters are limited to 5 printed pages. Authors of Letters are invited to provide additional material supporting their research in order to facilitate the peer review process or for publication as Electronic Supplementary Material. All contributions must include a graphical abstract. Authors for whom English is not the working language are encouraged to consider using a professional language-editing service before submitting their manuscripts. Detailed advice for the preparation and submission of manuscripts are provided on Springer’s website at http://www.springer.com/chemistry/journal/10562.