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Environmental Sciences - Aquatic Sciences | Aims and Scope: Aquatic Biosystems

Aims and Scope: Aquatic Biosystems

Aquatic Biosystems is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal considering high quality manuscripts on all aspects of basic and applied research on aquatic organisms and environments.

The scope of Aquatic Biosystems ranges from the molecular and organism levels to global systems and processes. The journal encourages reports on a wide array of environments, including lakes, rivers, marshes, springs, lagoons, solar pans, estuaries, and the open ocean, and their micro- and macro-flora and fauna. The focus is on the relationships between the environment and biological systems, encompassing microbial genomics, physiology, and ecology, biogeochemical cycling, food webs, paleolimnology, biodiversity, conservation, resource management, and ecosystem structure and function. Engineered biosystems, such as for aquaculture, renewable resource, biofuels, biotechnology, and biomedical production, as well as constructed wetlands, are within the scope of Aquatic Biosystems.

The goal of the journal is to bridge across freshwater and saline systems, between basic and applied research, and from gene systems to ecosystems. The online format of the journal is designed to accelerate the process of disseminating important research results and information, in order to better meet the needs and demands of the highly dynamic and global science, management, and private sectors.