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Major reference works and handbooks are created with the utmost care and attention. Dedicated Springer professionals work together with leading scientists and researchers from around the globe to make sure their works are at their best. Furthermore Springer assures a worldwide distribution of the publication in the best formats:
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  • Electronic Static & Living References (on springerlink.com)

What is a living reference?  

SpringerReference delivers access to living editions of the latest & forthcoming Springer eReferences across every subject and is constantly updated through a dynamic peer-review publishing process. SpringerReference’s innovative new publishing model allows updates to occur as developments warrant, keeping eReferences current and providing researchers access to the latest scientific information.
In addition, reference works in production will already be available on SpringerReference before they are published in print or made available on SpringerLink.

Highlighted Springer References

Encyclopedia of Thermal Stresses

Covers Thermal Stresses, Mathematical Preliminaries, Thermodynamics and Heat Conduction. Constitutes an important learning tool for Students, Researchers and Engineers. ... More

CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering

covers the state-of-art of advanced technologies, methods and models for production, production engineering and logistics. ... More



Machine Vision Handbook

Comprehensive coverage which equips the reader with the practical details required to engineer integrated mechanical-optical-electronic-software systems. ... More

Handbook of Adhesion Technology

All-embracing, comprehensive coverage that includes theory, materials and surface treatment, testing and quality, manufacturing, storage, joints basics and manifold applications.
... More

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