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Engineering - Mechanical Engineering | Aims and Scope: Obesity Surgery

Aims and Scope: Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery, the journal for bariatric/metabolic surgeons, provides an international, interdisciplinary forum for communicating the latest research, surgical and laparoscopic techniques, for treatment of massive obesity and metabolic disease.

It is important to surgeons performing obesity/metabolic surgery, general surgeons and surgical residents, endoscopists, anesthetists, support staff, nurses, dietitians, psychiatrists, psychologists, plastic surgeons, internists including endocrinologists and diabetologists, nutritional scientists, and those dealing with eating disorders.

Topics covered include clinical reports, clinical research, physiology research, basic science research, animal research, new concepts, technical innovations, case reports, editorials, reviews, current status, short communications, letters to the editor, invited commentaries, opinions, book reviews, guidelines, scholarly presentations, historical notes, medicolegal issues, and meeting abstracts.