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Engineering | Energy, Sustainability and Society - a SpringerOpen journal (Societies)

Energy, Sustainability and Society

Energy, Sustainability and Society

Editor-in-Chief: Daniela Thrän

ISSN: 2192-0567 (electronic version)

Journal no. 13705

Published in cooperation with the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (ESEIA) and principal investigators of the Helmholtz Association 


ESEIA is a European association of leading innovation organisations dedicated to advancing innovation to implement sustainable energy systems in Europe as well as on a global scale.

Helmholtz Association

Helmholtz Association
The Helmholtz Association is a community of 17 scientific-technical and biological-medical research centres. These centres have been commissioned with pursuing long-term research goals on behalf of the state and society. The Association strives to gain insights and knowledge so that it can help to preserve and improve the foundations of human life. It does this by identifying and working on the grand challenges faced by society, science and industry. Helmholtz Centres perform top-class research in strategic programmes in six core fields: Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Key Technologies, Structure of Matter, Aeronautics, Space and Transport.

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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The economic, social and cultural development of human society is highly dependent upon a consistent supply of energy. Sustainable development is therefore only possible, if our society attempts to find and implement environmentally compatible, socially acceptable and economically viable means to acquire its energy services. This challenge requires systemic and holistic innovations that include a sustainable supply of resources, the development of highly efficient technical solutions and the adaptation of energy systems to the environmental, economic and cultural context as well as the social and political framework to enable sustainable energy systems to be implemented for the welfare of mankind.

    The aim of the journal is to provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for the discourse between natural scientists, engineers, social & political scientists as well as experts from industry who drive the innovation of sustainable energy systems. It is the particular aim of this journal to publish papers extending across different disciplines and providing a substantial contribution to the holistic innovation of these energy systems.

    In line with the goal of this journal to offer an interdisciplinary forum of discourse for systemic energy innovation, the scope of the journal encompasses the whole innovation process ranging from scientific research to both innovative approaches for technology implementation and the analysis of economic, social and environmental impacts of sustainable energy systems. Main emphasis will be placed on papers addressing complex issues with innovation potential at the interface between technical solutions, their implementation and their social, environmental and economic impacts.

    Therefore, the journal covers papers in complex topics dealing with

    • research, development and implementation of sustainable energy sources and systems, including for instance bio-refineries, carbon capture, reuse systems;
    • from start to finish the efficient supply of resources by means of their technological cascading conversion, via their storage and distribution through to their end-use;
    • the development of regionally adapted sustainable energy and material supply systems and discourse on how to transform urban settlements into smart cities;
    • systemic approaches to link information technologies with energy technologies that meet the social and environmental criteria for sustainable development;
    • political and economic frameworks to improve the environmental, economic and social performance of energy systems;
    • concepts for discovering novel energy sources, energy mixes and energy systems requiring a large variety of technological solutions, sophisticated computer simulations, novel laboratory technologies, large-scale research facilities, as well as scenario development and national and international networks
    • and in general inform about the complex interactions between energy, sustainable development and societal change.

    Energy, Sustainability and Society publishes independently peer-reviewed original full-length research papers, review papers, forum articles and book reviews. Of special interest are short communications on innovative approaches. From time to time, the journal includes special topical or conference issues that concentrate on specific areas.

    We partner with scientists from the Helmholtz Association and the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance (eseia) as the topics of the journal reflect their research field and focus.

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