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Engineering - Civil Engineering | Aims and Scope: Sport Sciences for Health

Aims and Scope: Sport Sciences for Health

Sport Sciences for Health is an international, interdisciplinary journal designed to stimulate and communicate scholarly inquiry among researchers and practitioners, and provide them with information relevant to the science and practice of sport and physical activity for health on individual and community levels. The journal publishes original research, practice reports, case studies, short reports and comprehensive reviews employing both qualitative and quantitative methods. Areas of interest include sport, physical and work activities, sports medicine, healthy lifestyles and health care, epidemiology, motor behaviour, physical education, recreation, and rehabilitation viewed from different methodological approaches, including physiological, clinical, biomechanical, performance, psychological, educational, social and learning perspectives. The journal also deals with the mechanisms through which exercise can prevent or treat chronic degenerative disease, contributing to health maintenance in the population and to the identification of the dose of physical or sport activities suitable for prevention and personalized treatment of specific diseases.

Sport Sciences for Health is the official journal of the Società Italiana delle Scienze Motorie e Sportive (SISMeS), an Italian scientific society that aims to promote, support and disseminate knowledge and innovations in the sciences of sport and physical activity for health and quality of life.