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Engineering | The Engineering of Sport 7 - Proceedings volume of the ISEA 2007

The Engineering of Sport 7

Proceedings volume of the ISEA 2007

Estivalet, Margaret, Brisson, Pierre (Eds.)

1st ed. 2008. 2nd printing 2009

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ISBN 978-2-287-99058-8

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      • This set gathers more than 150 contributions on recent sport engineering studies by the best international specialists
      • It offers an interdisciplinary approach of sport engineering which encompasses engineering and biological issues
      • All the sport disciplines are represented
      • The volume is of interest for academic and industrial researchers

This set of the ISEA 2008 examines sports engineering, an interdisciplinary subject which encompasses and integrates not only sports science and classical engineering but also aims to bridge the gap between the analysis of the equipment and the athlete himself. The areas of interest include the mechanics, biomechanics and dynamics of sport, the physiology, anatomy and the analysis of movement, instrumentation, equipment design, surface interaction, materials and modelling, and many others. These various topics could be part of technology applications practically in every sport. The proceedings will be of particular interest among others to Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Sports Science Departments and will act as a forum where research, industry and the sports sector can exchange state of the art technology, dedicated knowledge and innovative ideas.

Content Level » Research

Related subjects » Engineering - Materials - Medicine - Physics - Social Sciences - Wellbeing & Quality-of-Life

Table of contents 

Vol. 1

Effects of Body Weight on Ski Jumping Performances under the New FIS Rules (P3).- Calculated Golf Ball Performance Based on Measured Visco-hyperelastic Material Properties (P5).- Interaction of Flexor Tendons and Pulleys in Sport Climbing (P6).- Friction Between Players’Hands and Sports Equipment (P7).- Development of a Comfort Model for Cricket Leg Guards (P9).- Enabling Technologies for Robust Performance Monitoring (P10).- An Objective Performance and Quality Comparison of Drivers from Different Market Sectors (P11).- Defining Strategies for Novel Snowboard Design (P12).- Business Process Modelling and its Use Within an Elite Training Environment (P15).- Accelerometer Profile Recognition of Swimming Strokes (P17).- Evaluation of Start Techniques in Sports Swimming by Dynamics Simulation (P18).- A simulation of outrigger canoe paddling Performance (P19).- The Dynamic Compaction of Cricket Soils for Pitch Preparation (P20).- Experimental Validation of a Finite-element Model of a Tennis Racket String-bed (P21).- Experimental Validation of a Tennis Ball Finite-element Model for Different Temperatures (P22).- Nonlinear Dynamics of a Simplified Skateboard Model (P24).- Cricket Batting Stroke Timing of a Batsman When Facing a Bowler and a Bowling Machine (P26).- Estimation of a Runner’s Speed Based on Chest-belt Integrated Inertial Sensors (P27).- Design and Construction of a Custom-made Lightweight Carbon Fibre Wheelchair (P28).- Design and Implementation of a Rugby-specific Garment Evaluation Trial (P30).- Open Rotator Cuff Surgery in Swiss Elite Rock Climbers (P31).- A Quantitative Analysis Of Beach Casting (P33).- An Assessment of Sensing Technologies to Monitor The Collision of a Baseball and Bat (P34).- Correlation Between the Linear Impulse and Golf Ball Spin Rate (P35).- Dynamics-based Force Sensor Using Accelerometers-application of Hammer Throw Training Aid- (P37).- Influence of Pedal Foot Position on Muscular Activity during Ergometer Cycling (P39).- Accurate Trajectory and Orientation of a Motorcycle derived from low-cost Satellite and Inertial Measurement Systems (P42).- Wireless Impact Measurement for Martial Arts (P43).- A Comparative Study of Ball Launch Measurement Systems; Soccer Case Study (P44).- Testing Protocol for Quantitative Comparison of Top of the Range Soccer Boots (P45).- Development of a Measurement-Prosthesis for a Ski Boot Test Bench (P48).- Development of Multi-platform Instrumented Force Pedals for Track Cycling (P49).- In-Situ Measurement of Clipless Cycling Pedal Floating Angles (P51).- Correlation Between Treadmill Acceleration, Plantar Pressure, and Ground Reaction Force During Running (P52).- Development of Immediate Feedback Software for Optimising Glide Performance and Time of Initiating Post-Glide Actions (P56).- Rod Response Analysis to Fish Bite Based on Multi-link Model Solved by Lower Triangularization of Sparse Symmetric Coefficient-matrix (57).- Design and Manufacture of Customised Orthotics for Sporting Applications (P62).- Analysis of Snowboard Stiffness and Camber Properties for Different Riding Styles (P65).- The Fluctuating Flight Trajectory of a Non-Spinning Punted Ball in Rugby (P67).- Aerodynamics of Bicycle Helmets (P68).- Aerodynamics of Cricket Ball-an Effect of Seams (P70).- Numerical Modelling of the Flow Around Rowing Oar Blades (P71).- The Acute Response to a Garment-based Elastic Thoracic Load, Applied During Exercise on Inspiratory Muscle Strength and Pulmonary Function (P72).- Aerodynamic Performance of Cycling Time Trial Helmets (P76).- Physical Motion Analysis of Nordic Walking (P77).- Driving Performance Variability Among Elite Golfers (P79).- Power Measurement in Cycling using inductive Coupling of Energy and Data (P80).- Online-Monitoring of Multiple Track Cyclists During Training and Competition (P81).- A Model Predictive Controller for Sensor-based Training Optimization of a Cyclist Group (P82).- A Dynamic Heart Rate Prediction Model for Training Optimization in Cycling (P83).- Stability Training and Measurement System for Sportsperson (P84).- SRM Torque Analysis of Standing Starts in Track Cycling (P85).- Aerodynamic Study of Ski Jumping Flight Based on High-Speed Video Image (P86).- The Role of Materials and Construction on Hockey Ball Performance (P88).- Shape Optimization of Golf Clubface using Finite Element Impact Models (P90).- An Examination of Cricket Bat Performance (P92).- Forces Applied on Rowing Ergometer Concept2®: a Kinetic Approach for Development (P94).- JUMPICUS – Computer Simulation in Ski Jumping (P95).- Kinematic Response to Variations in Natural Turf During Running (P96).- Finite Element Simulation of Ice Pick Torquing (P97).- A Sociological Analysis of a Controversy in French Sport Science Field: How to Manage Teams Specialising in Technological Innovation (P99).- Biomechanical Ingredients Measurement: A New Vision-Based Approach (P102).- How Optimal Baseball Swings Change for Three Levels of Play (P103).- Graduated Compression Stockings and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (P105).- A Study of Knuckling Effect of Soccer Ball (P106).- Ball and Racket Movements Recorded at the 2006 Wimbledon Qualifying Tournament (P109).- Ball Spin Generation at the 2007 Wimbledon Qualifying Tournament (P110).- Analysis and Optimization of the Sliding Properties of Luge Steel Blades on Ice (P111).- Brake Induced Vibration in Mountain Bikes (P112).- Aerodynamic Optimization and Energy Saving of Cycling Postures for International Elite Level Cyclists (P114).- A Comparison of Test Methodologies to Enable the Improved Understanding of Soccer Boot Traction (P115).- How to Build an Optimized Movement Analysis Laboratory for High Performance Athletes of Various Sport Disciplines (P116).- Analysis of the Wobble of a Spinning Disc at Launch (P117).- A Study of the Influence of the Environmental Condition and the Garment in Skin Temperature in Sport Activity (P119).- Compression Sleeves Significantly Counteracts Muscular Fatigue During Strenuous Arm Exercise (P124).- Development of a New System for Measuring Tennis Court Pace (P126).-A Feedback System for Coordination Training in Double Rowing (P127).- Modelling the Oblique Impact of Golf Balls (P128).- Modelling and Stability Analysis of a Recumbent Bicycle with Oscillating Leg Masses (P131).-Computerised Games for Balance Training: A Pilot Study on Collegiate Females (P135)..- Effects of Turbo-jav Release Conditions on Distance of Javelic Throw (P136).- Differences Between Leather and Sybthetic NBA Basketballs (P137).- Subject Index.

Vol. 2

Accelerometer (P138).- An Experimental Study on Ski Jumping Styles (P140).- Quantification of the Grip Difficulty of a Climbing Hold (P142).- Artificial Turf Development as Surface for Golf Practice (P143).- Shoe Signature Monitoring for Advanced Running Technique (P145).- Logarithmic Visco-elastic Impact Modelling of Golf Balls (P147).- Rowing Strategies in Cambridge Bumps Races (P148).- Improvements to a Sailing VR Simulator Environment for Assessing and Improving Helm Performance (P149).- The Behaviour of Recycled Rubber Shockpads for Synthetic Sports Pitches (P150).- Implementation of Knowledge Engineering Fundamentals in Exercise Science and Individualization (P151).- Long-term Cushioning Properties of Running Shoes (P152).- An Analysis of the Interaction Between Slider Physique and Descent Time for the Bob Skeleton (P153).- Determining Ground Reaction Forces Using a Pressure Distribution Measuring System (P156).- Mechanics of the Bob Skeleton and Analysis of the Variation in Performance at the St Moritz World Championship of 2007 (P160).- Subjective Evaluation of Sport Equipment - Deriving Preference Values from Pairwise Comparison Matrices (P162).- Hot Glide Wax Treatment and the Hardness of the Ski Running Surface (P163).- Creating 3D muscle lengths and moment arms from the Visible Human Dataset (P166).- Development of a New Technique to Evaluate Abrasivieness Artificial Turf (P168).- Aerodynamic Study of Ski Jumping Flight Based on Inertia Sensors (171).- The spin decay of sports balls in flight (172).- Optimised preliminary design of a kayak-ergometer using a sliding footrest-seat complex (P174).- Dynamics of a String-Bed Damper on Tennis Rackets (P175).- Second Lives for the Third Age: Using Virtual Worlds to Encourage Exercise Participation in Older People (P176).- Design of an Ice Hockey Stick Test Machine (P178).- A Novel Approach to Personalising the Mechanical Properties of Sprint Footwear (P179).- Testing Procedures for Baseball Chest Protection Equipment (P181).- Holistic Innovation in Sports (P183).- Detecting Location using Sensors Based on the 802:15:4 Wireless Standard (P184).- Use of Static Stiffness Behaviour to Characterise Field Hockey Sticks (P185).- Finite Element Analysis of the Heat Transfer in Footwear (P186).- Determination of the Optimal Saddle Height for Leisure Cycling (P188).- Relationship between Pelvic Motion, Torque, and Metabolic Energy in Running (P189).- Relationship Between Gluteus Medius Muscle Activity, Pelvic Motion, and Metabolic Energy in Running (P190).- A New Technological Tool to Measure and Manage Strenght. AthletJump/IBV (P191).- Experimental Measurement of Selected Snowboard Mechanical Properties (P194).- Runalyser: Real Time Analysis of Running Technique in Practice (P196).- of Ground on Poling Forces in Hiking (P198).- Development of Small-Sized Swimming Humanoids (P203).- Parametric Study of Bicycle Stability (P207).- Compression Garments: Evidence for their Physiological Effects (P208).- Improving the Performance of a Bobsleigh by Aerodynamic Optimization (P212).- Determining Friction Coefficients for Round Balls: Comparing Basketballs (P213).- Comparison Between Observed and Simulated Baseball Trajectories (P214).- Testing the Unconventional. The Ergonomic Paddle Shaft (P215).- Development and Validation of an Automated Method to Detect Gait Events Using Acceleration and Angular Rate (P216).- Evaluation of the Estimation Method on the Hip Joint Centre Location During Instep Kicking Motion (P217).- Kinematics and EMG Analysis of Expert Pole Vaulter’s Lower Limb During Take off Phase (P218).- Ventilation: a Reliable Indicator of Oxygen Consumption During Physical Activities of Various Intensities? (P222).- Roller Ski Rolling Resistance and its Effects on Elite Athletes’ Performance (P225).- Aerodynamics of Time Trial Bicycle Helmets (P226).- Acquisition and Analysis of EMG Data During Special Slalom for Comparative Equipment Evaluation (P228).- A New Evaluation System for Dynamic Muscular Strength Characteristics using Isoviscous Loading (P231).- Aerodynamics of a Curve-ball: The Sikorsky/Lightfoot Lift Data (P234).- Forelimb Kinematics of Galloping Thoroughbred Racehorses Measured on Dirt, Synthetic, and Turf Track Surfaces (P235).- Classification of Aerial Acrobatics in Elite Half-Pipe Snowboarding Using Body Mounted Inertial Sensors (P237).- A Modified Lift Mechanics Theory for Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding (P239).- Technology And Half-Pipe Snowboard Competition – Insight From Elite-Level Judges (P240).- Information Return Device Concept: Baropodometric Biofeedback Application (P241).- The Bike Fit of the Road Professional Cyclist Related to Anthropometric Measurements and the Torque of de Crank (P242).- Impact Behaviour of Ski-Boots against Different Obstacles (P243).- Acquisition of Structural Loads Acting on the Mast of a 420 During Sailing (P244).- after Field Testing (P245).- Monitoring of Bioimpedance Data during Exercise in Cyclists (P247).- Optimization of Torque in Pole Vaulting using Genetic Algorithm (P248).- A new Dimensionless Number for Dynamic Similarity during Running (P250).- Essential Ski Characteristics for Cross-Country Skis Performance (P251).- Extreme Sports Perceived by Students of Faculties of the Physical Education, Tourisms and Recreation (P252).- The computer record and analysis of struggle dynamics of the judo fight (P253).- Dynamic Model of a Badminton Stroke (P254).- Maximal Energy Expenditure in Professional Road Cycling (P255).- An Integrated Approach toward Testing Sports Equipment (P260).- Management of New Ideas during Early Design Phases of Innovative Products in the Surf Industry (P261).- The management of sporting innovation at Decathlon. Between rationality and chaos (P262).- Exercise History and Remodelling Stress Fracture are Related to Cortical Bone Ultimate Strength (P264).- Model (P267).- Structural Behaviour of Ski Safety Barriers during Impacts of an Instrumented Dummy (P268).- Structural Behaviour of Slalom Skis in Bending and Torsion (P269).- Finite-Element Analysis of the Collision and Bounce between a Golf Ball and Simplified Clubs (P271).- Experimental Investigation of Youth Baseball Bat Performance (P273).- An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Use on the Performance of Composite Baseball Bats (P274).- The Effect of Baseball Construction on the Game of Baseball (P275).- Does the Use of a Light Discus Modify the Throwing Pattern?-A Study of Kinematical and Electromyographical Data of the Throwing Arm (P276).-Better Coaching the Paralympics Swimmers with the Computed Use of Stroke Rate-Velocity Relationship (P277).- Subject Index.

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