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Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning A publication of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology

Editor-in-Chief: Charles B. Hodges

ISSN: 8756-3894 (print version)
ISSN: 1559-7075 (electronic version)

Journal no. 11528

ECT Foundation: Qualitative Inquiry Award 2015

A $750 cash prize will be presented to the winner in 2015. The Award recipient may present at the annual Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) convention and has the opportunity to publish in the Educational Media and Technology Yearbook. Qualitative theories and methods should be applied from disciplines such as anthropology, art criticism, communications, cultural studies, history, literary theory, philosophy, and sociology. For more information on the ECT Foundation and this award, follow the links at aect.org.


The ECT Foundation's Qualitative Inquiry Award recognizes individual scholarship. Co-authored submissions are not accepted. Membership in AECT is required: See aect.org.


Applications must include each of four items: (1) a cover letter requesting recognition of a completed study; (2) a two-page resume; (3) a one-page abstract; and (4) a descriptive narrative of 15-20 pages of double-spaced text including references and all other material.


This may be a final report or a synopsis of a final report and may have been published. The qualitative cornerstone should be clearly identified. Describe the study’s theoretical base, the inquiry issue, and the inquiry strategy. Include a description of the findings and an interpretation of the findings. Emphasize the social or cultural context.


Entries must be received by 1 April, 2015. Submit all four items in pdf format to:
J. Michael Spector, Ph.D., Mike.Spector@unt.edu, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, ETR and D Development Editor.

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    TechTrendsis a leading publication for professionals in the educational communication and technology field. As such its major purposes are: to provide a vehicle for the exchange of information among professional practitioners concerning the management of media and programs, the application of educational technology principles and techniques to instructional programs, corporate and military training, and any other kinds of information that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge of practice in the field, to provide a means by which practictioners can be kept current on the latest developments in the design, manufacture, and use of communications materials and devices; and to provide a vehicle for communication among the members of AECT to share information.

    TechTrends considers manuscripts of the following types:

    • Reports of innovative and/or exemplary practice.
    • General articles discussing matters of concern to practitioners.
    • Critical reviews of important literature, materials, and devices related to the field.
    • Summaries of research translated into practical application.
    • Reports of developmental programs and trends of national and international significance.
    • News of the latest products, both materials and devices, for use in the field.
    • Articles of use to managers and various specializations within the general educational communications and technology field.

    TechTrends is a peer-reviewed publication, and submitted manuscripts are reviewed without bias by a panel of consulting editors and other professionals with expertise in the topics

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  • Instructions for Authors

    Instructions for Authors


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