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The journal of the Eastern Economic Association

Editor: A. Zebedee; C. Bansak

ISSN: 0094-5056 (print version)
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Journal no. 41302

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Welcome to the Eastern Economic Journal
The Eastern Economic Journal, a quarterly publication of the Eastern Economic Association, was established in 1973. The EEJ is committed to free and open intellectual inquiry from diverse philosophical perspectives in all areas of theoretical and applied research related to economics.

Eckstein Prize winner announced

We are pleased to announce the latest winner of the Eckstein Prize. Awarded biennially, the Eckstein Prize recognizes the best article published in the Eastern Economic Journal in a two-year period - 2013-2014.
The prize is awarded to Ji Yan from Appalachian State University for his article “The Effects of a Minimum Cigarette Purchase Age of 21 on Prenatal Smoking and Infant Health” published in the Eastern Economic Journal (June 2014, Volume 40, Issue 3, pp 289–308). The article is now free to view (link below).
Abstract: A key goal of US public health policies is to reduce costly adverse birth outcomes to which prenatal smoking is a crucial contributor. This study is the first to evaluate the impacts of a minimum cigarette purchase age of 21 implemented in the state of Pennsylvania on prenatal smoking and infant health. Using a regression discontinuity method, it shows this smoking age of 21 reduces the prenatal daily cigarette consumption by 15 percent and lowers the incidence of low birth weight infants by 19 percent. These findings shed new light on the current political debate over raising the smoking age.
The Eckstein Prize was established by the Eastern Economic Association in honor of Otto Eckstein, a former president of the EEA, and is awarded biennially to the article in the Eastern Economic Journal judged to be the best over that period. A $1,000 award accompanies the prize.

Colander's Economics with Attitude

Eastern Economic Journal is proud to feature a regular column from David C. Colander, Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Professor of Economics at Middlebury College. Exploring issues related to economic policy as well as the economics profession, each column will be free to read for a limited time after publication. Visit the journal for more detail.

EEJ is now included in ABS' Academic Journal Quality Guide

We are pleased to announce that the Eastern Economic Journal is now included in the Association of Business Schools' Academic Journal Quality Guide 2015. The guide assesses and ranks over 1,400 business and management publications - the full listing can be viewed here. Inclusion in the guide marks an important milestone for the journal. Congratulations to EEJ on this achievement!

New Free Sample Articles Now Available!

Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected a new set of free sample articles to showcase the strength and breadth of recent contributions to the journal. Spanning a wide range of topics and perspectives, these articles represent the journal’s commitment to free and open intellectual inquiry across all areas of economics.

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    The Eastern Economic Journal, a quarterly publication of the Eastern Economic Association, was established in 1973. The EEJ publishes papers written from every perspective, in all areas of economics and is committed to free and open intellectual inquiry from diverse philosophical perspectives. It welcomes manuscripts that are methodological and philosophical as well as empirical and theoretical. Readability and general interest are major factors in publication decision.
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