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Aims and Scope: Molecular Biology Reports

* Molecular Biology Reports (MBR) is a leading journal providing international coverage of molecular and cellular biology. Fields of interest include DNA replication, DNA and histone modification, transcription, mechanisms of DNA damage and repair, nucleic acid-protein interaction, RNA processing, non-coding RNA, miRNA, intracellular transport, protein biosynthesis, targeted and redox gene expression, epigenetics, Stem cell biology, therapy related to diseases, and more cutting-edge research materials related to deep sequencing, genomics and genetics, gene silencing, RNAi, imaging.

* In addition, MBR will cover Gene expression and its regulation by various factors such as environment, nutrition, stress and reactive oxygen species, Gene array and bioinformatics, Epigenetics events in cancer-neurodegenerative condition-diabetes (wound healing, retinopathy)-cardiovascular disorder-heart failure, neurodevelopmental disorder-autism, Epigenetic mono-and combination therapy, Genetic and Epigenetic factors in developmental biology, signaling pathways, Genetic models, Gene therapy, Gene-miRNA-cell and redox based therapy to treat disease condition.

* Molecular Biology Reports is an international journal on molecular and cellular biology. The journal presents short communications, original research papers, and review articles that demonstrate novel ideas and molecular mechanism in normal and disease processes. The journal publishes results of original and clinically-related area of research which approach the subject from a fundamental point of view. Papers on new techniques promoting experimental progress are also presented.