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Aims and Scope: Clinical Reviews in Allergy & Immunology

The development of clinical allergy as a vigorous discipline of scientific medicine has, until relatively recently, lagged behind that of other subspecialties in internal medicine and pediatrics. The discovery of immunoglobulin E, the development of standardized protocols for allergy skin testing and challenge procedures, and concurrent advances in cell biology have all led to a major thrust by new data in changing the approach to the clinical management of allergic disease. Ultimately, these advances must be transferred from the laboratory bench to the physician. Experimental papers are the first and most important vehicle for this task. There is no substitute, however, for comprehensive treatises designed to place new data in perspective. The object of this journal is to publish scholarly review papers, with each issue devoted to one topic, in an attempt to provide comprehensive treatment, by a revolving series of Topic Editors, on a subject of critical importance to allergists. The ultimate objective is that by doing so we will help improve the care and management of patients with allergic disease.