New starts

We believe in making long term investments to support new research areas with new journals. Our editors work together closely with the scientific community to analyze research movements and set up new journals where needed.

New Starts 2015

New Starts 2014

New Starts 2014 with Forthcoming Pages

  • Allergo Journal International
  • Bioresources and Bioprocessing (fully open access)
  • Current Addiction Reports
  • Current Behavioral Neuroscience Reports
  • Current Clinical Microbiology Reports
  • Current Developmental Disorders Reports
  • Current Environmental Health Reports
  • Current Epidemiology Reports
  • Current Oral Health Reports
  • Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports
  • Current Transplantation Reports
  • Current Treatment Options in Allergy
  • Current Treatment Options in Psychiatry
  • Current Tropical Medicine Reports
  • Energie & Umwelttechnik Review
  • International Communication of Chinese Culture
  • Journal of Fetal Medicine
  • Lexicography
  • Nano Convergence (fully open access)
  • NRL Advances (fully open access)
  • Robotics and Biomimetics (fully open access)
  • Triple Helix (fully open access)

New Starts 2013

New Starts 2013 with Forthcoming Pages

  • China Finance and Economic Review (fully open access)
  • Intensive Care Medicine Experimental (fully open access)
  • Tijdschrift voor Neuropsychiatrie en Gedragsneurologie