Customer Experiences

Prof. Dr. med. Heinzpeter Moecke, Asklepios Kliniken, Germany

Named after the Greek god of healing, Asclepius, you might expect organisation Asklepios-Kliniken to be a world-leading example of patient care and treatment. And you would not be wrong. For more than 20 years, Asklepios-Kliniken has provided world-class care in medicine, nursing and rehabilitation. The largest private hospital operator in Europe, Asklepios is responsible for more than 40 hospitals and approximately 100 clinics, treatment centres and medical facilities across Germany. Each year, more than 1 million patients seek treatment and support from its many medical facilities – and the birth of every 40th baby born in Germany takes place in an Asklepios clinic!

But while the group has a predominant presence in Germany, its patients come from all corners of the globe thanks to its reputation for being at the forefront of medical treatment. Its centers of excellence lead developments across the medical spectrum with special focus on the fields of bariatric surgery; vascular medicine; orthopaedics and emergency surgery; neurosurgery and spinal surgery; urology; anaesthesia; diabetes; gastroenterology; geriatrics; cardiology and more. Being able to provide innovative, high-quality medical care to anyone who needs it is a primary object of Asklepios-Kliniken, and considerable value is placed on research and teaching. Of its 40 hospitals, half are dedicated academic teaching hospitals that conduct cutting-edge research of their own as well as providing practical training facilities for medical students and professionals.

With such a strong focus on research, having access to the latest information across all medical fields is essential to Asklepios-Kliniken’s continued success. As Prof. Dr. med. Heinzpeter Moecke, Group Head of Medicine and Science, commented “We’ve been a Springer customer for over 30 years and chose to partner with Springer due to the high quality and relevance of its research journals. We first purchased Springer’s clinical medical journals and now have Springer’s medical ebooks collection in German too.”

In order to speed knowledge transfer across its many sites, Asklepios invested in information technology and developed new methods of co-operating to encourage interdisciplinary teamwork. The ease with which Springer ebooks and ejournals can be accessed and discovered, and the intuitive features of Springer’s research platform, has helped in this endeavour. Prof. Dr. med. Heinzpeter Moecke further commented, “Springer products are very well-designed and all features are equally important. We find the content to be very relevant for our clinicians, as well as providing good educational material for our students and residents.”

In fact, the combination of using information technology to support medical research led to Asklepios being awarded "Selected Landmark 2009" by the “Germany - Land of Ideas” project, an initiative that fosters ideas and collaborations to demonstrate German innovation across a number of areas, including science. In his final comment, Prof. Dr. med. Heinzpeter Moecke said, “Springer ejournals and ebooks continue to play a vital part in helping Asklepios in its drive for continual improvements in healthcare quality. The content enables every physician and every nurse to have the newest publications at hand as soon as they are published, keeping them at the top of their speciality.”