Frequently Asked Questions for Librarians

What is SpringerReference?

SpringerReference is a platform with all latest, published and forthcoming editions of eReferences which are constantly, peer reviewed, updated at the pace of scientific discovery.
The eReferences consist of large Encyclopedias, Handbooks, Dictionaries, Bibliographies and Data collections.

What is published on SpringerReference?

SpringerReference contains all the latest, published and forthcoming editions of reference works from the Springer Reference program. All titles are works of tertiary literature together covering all subjects in science, technology and medicine.

Collection starts with 146+Major Reference Works (MRW’s)

  • 10% of content unique to SpringerReference
  • Unique content will grow as updates are added. At launch about 200,000 individual entries
  • High quality images
  • Information constantly updated through a dynamic publishing process

Why do researchers need SpringerReference?

To get selected, critically assessed, and up to date facts in a specific field. With SpringerReference, users can find all reference content in one powerful Web 2.0 platform with semantic search technology, In addition, SpringerReference provides:

  • seamless usability across all content items
  • no complicated navigation/search between different “books
  • easy on-site generation and updating of content

What is the difference between SpringerReference and other free access encyclopedias?

SpringerReference offers a systematic and comprehensive collection of selected and critically evaluated reference articles which are constantly updated. Through a peer-reviewing system, the distinguished scientific quality of Springer content is guaranteed.
The articles on SpringerReference are written exclusively by invited scientists and researchers. They are further monitored by an Editorial Board of eminent scientists in each discipline.

How is SpringerReference related to SpringerLink?

The Live References on SpringerReference are complementary to those found on SpringerLink. Where the eReferences on SpringerLink are static, those on SpringerReference are constantly updated as scientific developments warrant. They will be published in regular intervals as static eReferences on the SpringerLink, as well as in print editions.
In addition, reference works in production will already be available on SpringerReference long before they are published in print or made available on SpringerLink.

What exactly is a Live Reference?

The name for a living edition of an eReference that Springer’s team of highly respected authors can edit and add new pages to as often as is required.

When will a Live Reference be published in print or as a static eReference?

When a Live Reference has reached a critical amount of updates, changes and additions will the editors-in-chief in consultation with Springer’s Reference Editorial Office. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What are the DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions?

Similar to SpringerLink SpringerReference will have no DRM restrictions.

How can I subscribe to SpringerReference?

SpringerReference provides access to the entire collection. It is not possible to pick and choose Live References or subjects. A subscription provides:

  • Access to all available and forthcoming Live References
  • Annual fee based upon Research Intensity
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous users, no DRM
  • No Archival Rights, No Local Loading

How can I provide access to my constituents?

Access is arranged via either an IP range or based on username & password.
People will only be able to log in to SprRef if they have access. If someone has access based on an IP range then logging in is not required to read the content.
However log in is required if they would like to comment, personalize or edit (editing is only possible for invited authors).

Will my constituents need any special software?

No special software is required. Users can access the platform with an internet browser. All content is displayed in HTML, but users can also download individual articles.

Can SpringerReference be used off-campus/off-site?

Yes. Through SpringerReference’s IP enabled authentication, any user can access SpringerReference through the campus’/corporation's intranet. Users can also create a username and password that is portable off-site.

Can pages from an article be printed or saved?

Individuals will have the option to save or print out a PDF of an entry.

Are usage statistics for the Live Refences available?

SpringerReference will provide COUNTER-compliant usage statistics.

What if I want to purchase Live References title by title?

Because of it dynamic nature Live References cannot be purchased individually. Instead people can purchase the static eReferences on SpringerLink.