Springer launches full book download feature

 Current trends show that the use of tablets and other mobile devices on SpringerLink and Springer for R and D are growing exponentially. SpringerLink and Springer for R and D support any device by automatically adjusting the site-setup that is optimal for the screensize of the device that is used to visit the site. Particularly on tablets and mobile devices the users prefer to get whole books.

Springer is pleased to introduce the ‘full book download functionality’ on SpringerLink and Springer for R and D in response to the high demand for this feature by our authors, researchers and our library customers. This new functionality allows users to download all chapters of a book in one go. Next to this feature, users can view an eBook on SpringerLink and Springer for R and D through the LookInside, and download the individual chapters as PDF and or HTML format. The chapter level and full book PDF is available to subscribed users without restrictions (no DRM). The LookInside always shows some sample pages to unsubscribed users, and the full chapter to subscribed users.

Usage reporting

The usage resulting from these downloads will be reported in Bookreport2 (BR2), this to avoid that our customers need to analyze multiple usage reports for their eBook collection(s) with Springer. When a full book with x chapters is downloaded, x section requests will be added to the usage report for the particular title.
Springer has been advised by Project COUNTER that BookReport1 is designed to cover only those books that are available only as a single PDF, where there is no option to choose individual chapters.

Digital Rights Management

Springer strongly believes that its content can be used to the maximum if restrictions of its use are minimal (no DRM). This liberal policy increases the risk of piracy, but Springer’s philosophy is that this side effect does not outweigh the benefits. To protect our authors’ rights, Springer invests in and uses effective methods and state-of-the art technology to detect, stop, and prosecute illegal sharing.

Anti piracy activities at Springer

In order to protect our authors´ rights and interests, Springer proactively screens websites for illegal download links of Springer eBooks and subsequently requires hosts of such download sites to remove and delete the files or links in question.
A concerted effort between the Springer together with an external IT partner has put efficient methods in place to detect illegal download links of Springer eBooks. Automated searching by special algorithms as well as acting on tip-offs and information from Springer authors and editors are common measures to detect and remove illegal download files. We have been pleased to observe positive results in the number of links that have been and are continuously being disabled.

When will the full download functionality be visible?

The full download functionality is available for users with eBook access for most eBooks, including the Springer Book Archives.
For eBooks with over 100 chapters and Major Reference Works the full book download is not available. Furthermore, a minority of titles, mainly in the major book series, (e.g. LNCS) don't have the full book download functionality.