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© SpringerBookmetrix is a unique platform that Springer developed in partnership with Altmetric. It offers you a comprehensive overview of the reach, usage and readership of your book or chapter by providing various book-level and chapter-level metrics all in one place.

How will Bookmetrix help you?

Bookmetrix not only offers you a comprehensive overview of your book’s usage and reach, the data provided also helps you

  • answer questions from your funder about the broader impact of your work
  • demonstrate the engagement surrounding your research 
  • uncover new audiences and potential collaborators
  • find out where your work gets the most attention and from there establish ongoing relationships with key bloggers, policy makers or media outlets
  • benchmark your work against other titles or peers in your field

Explore the impact of your books!

What metrics will be available?

For every Springer, Palgrave Macmillan and Apress book and chapter you will be able to find the numbers of citations, downloads, book reviews, readers, and the number of online mentions in policy documents, news outlets, Wikipedia entries and social media networks. If available, these metrics are displayed on each book's home page on springer.com, palgrave.com, apress.com and on the individual book and chapter pages on SpringerLink. They are also available via Papers, a reference manager. 

© Springer

From the individual book or chapter page on springer.com, palgrave.com, apress.com or SpringerLink, you will be able to link out to the Bookmetrix details page by clicking on one of the metrics.

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Please note: if you use Internet Explorer, the data is only displayed in version 10 or above.


Print/download your book’s report

By clicking the “Print” button on a publication’s Bookmetrix details page, you can request a report that gives you the full overview of the annual usage, citation, readership and any other available data. The report will be sent to you immediately by email.

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Bookmetrix data helps you to decide if a book will be useful for your own work.

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Event in early 2017

Watch the video of our event in London, which was a part of #AcBookWeek – the Academic Book Week 2017!


Emerging Tools and Metrics in the Book Impact Space
Tue 24 January 2017


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For more detailed information, please contact us at bookmetrix@springer.com

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