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Information for LNCS Volume Editors

The editors of LNCS/LNAI/LNBI conference proceedings, usually committee members, are expected to handle all contacts with the contributing authors and to assemble the LNCS volume manuscript. It is very important that you perform your tasks in an effective and efficient manner, and we can help - downloadable instruction files, notes on scheduling, downloadable LaTeX and Word files, templates, sample files, indexing packages, and other volume editors' tools.
Please carefully follow the instructions below, and download the relevant files.

Please Read the LNCS Author Instructions 

As volume editor, please ensure that you have advised all authors about our author instructions, and please take the time to read them yourself.

Default Volume Editor Instructions 

Please read our default volume editor instructions file.
At the end of the pdf file you will find a checklist for your final submission of data to Springer.

What to Send to Springer 

Please provide the Springer editorial office with the following material:
  • (i) Complete set of source (input) files - please compress these with zip, tar, tar.gz or tar.Z (no single file exceeding 50 MB);
  • (ii) All completed copyright forms.
Springer will process the files and produce the printed and electronic versions.
Please send the copyright forms to our editorial office, using a courier service (declare your package as "scientific documents" with no commercial value. We will confirm receipt of the package as soon as it arrives) or still better via electronic means.
You can download the copyright form as PDF and pre-fill it with the title of the Book/Volume/Conference, and the name(s) of the volume editor(s). Then provide the attendees with that PDF on your conference's Web site.

Conference Proceedings Volumes - Timing 

The files for the proceedings of conferences taking place within Europe should be sent to us 9 weeks before the start of the conference. An extra week should be added for conferences outside Europe.
Please take this into account when fixing your own deadlines for the receipt of the final files from the authors.
We no longer require the printed manuscript.

LaTeX Files for Frontmatter and Index 

We recommend that you prepare the front matter pages and author index in LaTeX2e together with the class file llncs.cls. To avoid any retyping, the table of contents and the author index could be created using the title blocks of the articles (starting with \title and ending with \maketitle) and increasing the page counter using a
Please download llncsde2.zip - this ZIP archive contains a commented sample that can serve as a template as well as the resulting output.

LaTeX Example - Demonstration File 

An example of a complete volume including front matter pages and the author index is given in "lncs.dem" (a TeX source file). It also shows how to include the individual articles into a single main TeX file.The compiled version of this sample file is "lncs.pdf".
But, as it is often the case that several different and sometimes incompatible packages or style files and (re-)definitions are used by the respective authors, it is much easier to handle all the files separately.

Using MakeIndex 

In "llncsde2.tex", the MakeIndex program (makeindx.exe or makeindex) is used together with the style file sprmindx.sty in order to generate the author index automatically. The makeindx executable is part of any TeX system. "sprmindx.sty" and the sample file with embedded instructions can be found in "llncsde2.zip".


Your manuscript will be checked carefully at Springer. We therefore need your cooperation to ensure that any changes required can be incorporated appropriately and smoothly. In particular, we will send you the proofs of the title pages for inspection. If you are not available after you have sent us your manuscript please give us the full details of the person to be contacted during your absence.

Page Numbering 

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the final book will have exactly the same number of pages as the camera-ready copy you send us - reformatting is often necessary.

Conference Web Site 

Please use your conference Web site to advise your authors about our instructions - e.g., add our URL.
As you will receive a copyedited volume preface and copyedited organization pages, please consider whether some of the corrections also apply to the content on your conference Web site.
Please consider adding to your Web site the relevant LNCS volume number, its ISBN, and the Springer catalog URL.
You may download our LNCS logos for use in your Web site - see below.

Volume Editors' Tool - OCS 

The Online Conference Service (OCS) is a personalized Web-based decision support system. It proactively helps Program Committee chairs, Program Committee members, reviewers, and authors to cooperate efficiently during their collaborative handling of the composition of a conference program.
OCS is customizable and flexibly reconfigurable online at any time for each role, for each conference, and for each user. The service has been successfully used for about 100 computer science conferences.
For more information, or to set up a demo OCS session, please contact ocs_support@springer.com.

Other Editor Templates 

If you have prepared a template/tool and would like to make it available to others, please send it to us.

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