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Aims and Scope: Foundations of Physics

Foundations of Physics is an international journal devoted to the conceptual bases and fundamental theories of modern physics and cosmology, emphasizing the logical, methodological, and philosophical premises of modern physical theories and procedures.
It aims to be the central platform for new insights that are gained by taking a fresh look at the most basic facts that underlie our present knowledge on all fields of physics.

Foundations of Physics publishes articles that are of interest to all scientists who are sensitive to the crucial and often controversial issues that underlie current studies in the physical sciences.
The preferred sub-disciplines are the interpretation of:

  • quantum mechanics
  • quantum field theory
  • thermodynamics and statistical mechanics
  • special and general relativity
  • cosmology

Also, we think that it is time for the experts on:

  • quantum gravity
  • quantum information
  • string theory
  • M-theory
  • brane cosmology

to ponder the foundations of these approaches.