Bookseller tutorials

  • How to place your online order (simple search)
  • How to find Springer titles and place your online order (simple order, bookseller search)
  • How to get price lists on ( ISBN upload for price lists or catalogs)
  • How to create a customized catalog (bookseller catalog with logo)
  • How to create a customized flyer (with logo)

Bookseller tutorials


Bookseller web shop


Shop and Services © Springer/iStockphotosA special web shop for a special group!

  • See the trade discount line by line
  • Check book prices and availability  in real-time
  • Send order by automatic digital interface into order fulfillment
  • Find your order history in MySpringer

The bookseller web shop sends online orders directly into Springer's invoicing and fulfillment system for immediate processing. You know which titles are available and how much they cost at list price and discount. Your company’s standard terms and conditions are applied.

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If you already have validated access, then simply log in to and start shopping and ordering!

If you have never used the bookseller web shop, then please apply for access* with the online validation form.

* Please note: the validation may take a couple of days. Thank you for your patience while we check your account and make sure it is secure. We will notify you when it is open for online ordering.

Bookseller search and export


Get more online services as a registered bookseller!

  • Search the catalog by price limit and imprint
  • Save your favorite searches for later
  • Import and export lists
  • Create and download PDF catalogs and flyers
  • Design PDFs with your own texts and images
  • Use any day and any time you need it

Create personalized marketing with your company logo.

Springer’s enhanced features enable you to download flyers, catalogs and lists with your customized store logo and order address. A great tool for promoting Springer books to your customers!

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If you already have a bookseller log in, the proceed directly to

If you have a simple log in, then please enhance your log in and register as a bookseller.

If you do not have a log in, then please first register as a bookseller to create one.

Bookseller alert


© maxkabakov, Getty Images/iStockphotoSpringer bookseller alert – the special newsletter for you!

Receive the Springer newsletter for booksellers once a month and always be informed about the latest publications and trade offers from Springer.

We inform you about reference works, textbooks, professional books, monographs and all other types of books from our large selection of special disciplines.

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If you do not have a log in, then register at the same time for both the log in and the Newsletters with the SpringerAlerts for Booksellers.

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