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Chemistry - Organic Chemistry | Springer Handbook of Enzymes

Springer Handbook of Enzymes

Description of Data Fields 

Each data sheet is divided in 7 sections:
  • Nomenclature (EC number, Systematic name, Recommended name, Synonyms, CAS registry number)
  • Source Organism
  • Reaction and Specificity (Catalyzed reaction, Reaction type, Natural substrates and products, Substrates and products, Inhibitors, Cofactors/prostethic groups, Activating compounds, Metals/ions, Turnover number, Specific activity, Km-Value, pH-Optimum, pH-Range, Temperature optimum, Temperature range)
  • Enzyme Structure (Molecular weight, Subunits, Posttranslational modifications)
  • Isolation/Preparation/Mutation/Application (Source/tissue, Localization, Purification, Renaturation, Crystallization, Cloning, Engineering, Application)
  • Stability (pH-Stability, Temperature stability, Oxidation stability, Organic solvent stability, General stability information, Storage stability)
  • References