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Chemistry - Biotechnology | Aims and Scope: Transgenic Research

Aims and Scope: Transgenic Research

Transgenic Research is a bimonthly international journal dedicated to the rapid publication of research in transgenic higher organisms including their production, properties resulting from the transgenic state, use as experimental tools, exploitation and application, and environmental impact. The journal aims to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied science in molecular biology and biotechnology.

The Journal publishes studies on transgenic animals and plants in which insertion of transgenes including modification of endogenous genes, by any route or vehicle, has been used to confer novel metabolic or developmental properties on the organism. Investigations into the physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, development, genomics, genetics, behaviour and exploitation of such transgenic organisms are also covered. Transgenic Research provides a valuable forum for the cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques in all areas of transgenic technology from fungi to higher eukaryotic organisms. In addition to reviews and original research papers, Transgenic Research includes timely short communications reporting significant developments in methodology and experimental transgenic organisms. Manuscripts focusing on the utilization of transgenic animals and plants for the expression and production of valuable chemicals and macromolecules are strongly encouraged. Intellectual property, public perception, ethical issues and regulatory aspects of transgenic organisms also fall within the scope of the journal.

Review articles are welcome but authors are encouraged to communicate with a member of the Editorial Board prior to submission to ensure their proposed review fits the aims and scope of Transgenic Research. Reviews should not be descriptive; rather they should present the most up-to-date information on the subject in a dispassionate and critical way.