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Aims and Scope: Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics

The aim of Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics is to foster progress in comprehending the nature of the biochemical and biophysical mechanisms underlying the control of cellular physiological homeostasis and the consequences of its perturbation.

The data CBB reports are obtained within the framework of modern biochemistry and chemistry, biophysics and cell physiology, physics and engineering, molecular and structural biology and the medical sciences. The relationship between molecular structure and the nature of the specific property/function under investigation is emphasized.

Consonant with this purpose, CBB publishes original quantitative and analytical information on the properties, structure, function, behavior, and interactions of cells and their molecular/macromolecular constituents. CBB also publishes the proceedings of symposia, substantive reviews, hypotheses and theoretically oriented articles containing clearly identifiable and manipulable experimental parameters that can be tested and applied in the laboratory. Included within CBB’s purview are articles describing the quantitative utilization of and innovative developments in: genetic and biomolecular engineering; computer-based analysis of tissues, cells, cell networks, organelles, and molecular/macromolecular assemblies; research in and development of photometric, spectroscopic, microscopic, mechanical, and electrical methodologies/techniques in analytical cytology and cytometry and innovation instrument design.

In addition, CBB publishes letters to the editor, editorials, one-pagers on negative results, book reviews, and meeting/workshop announcements.