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Welcome to our Quarterly NeuroStars

We are happy to present our top 10 most shared articles from the last quarter published in Springer and BioMed Central neuroscience journals.
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Most shared articles from the last quarter

Read the following top 10 most shared articles for free. 

Open access articles are freely available online on a permanent basis and all other articles have been made freely available until March 31, 2015.

Rank 1 - Prebiotic intake reduces the waking cortisol response and alters emotional bias in healthy volunteers (open access) 

Rank 2 - Acute systemic accumulation of acrolein in mice by inhalation at a concentration similar to that in cigarette smoke 

Rank 3 - Chronic wheel running-induced reduction of extinction and reinstatement of methamphetamine seeking in methamphetamine dependent rats is associated with reduced number of periaqueductal gray dopamine neurons 

Rank 4 - Facial Structure Analysis Separates Autism Spectrum Disorders into Meaningful Clinical Subgroups 

Rank 5 - The Impact of Delays on Parents’ Perceptions of Treatments for Problem Behavior 

Rank 6 - Working memory capacity links cognitive reserve with long-term memory in moderate to severe TBI: a translational approach 

Rank 7 - Integrated Play Groups: Promoting Symbolic Play and Social Engagement with Typical Peers in Children with ASD Across Settings 

Rank 8 - Integrity of medial temporal structures may predict better improvement of spatial neglect with prism adaptation treatment 

Rank 9 - Oppositional COMT Val158Met effects on resting state functional connectivity in adolescents and adults (open access) 

Rank 10 - Genetics and epigenetics of alcohol dependence (open access) 

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