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Biomedical Sciences - Neuroscience | Neurochemical Journal (Editorial Board)

Neurochemical Journal

Neurochemical Journal

Co-Editor-in-Chief: N.V. Gulyaeva; M.I. Aghajanov

ISSN: 1819-7124 (print version)
ISSN: 1819-7132 (electronic version)

Journal no. 11710


Natalia V. Gulyaeva
Prof., Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology RAS, Moscow, Russia

Mikhail I. Aghajanov
Prof., M. Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Bella Ya. Gurvits
A.N. Bakh Institute of Biochemistry, RAS, Moscow, Russia

N.G. Aleksidze, G.V. Aprikyan, A.V. Arutyunyan, N.F. Avrova, A.S. Bazyan, A.P. Bolshakov, A.Yu. Budantsev, E.Z. Emirbekov, L.M. Gershtein, G.A. Gevorkyan, O.A. Gomazkov, E.V. Grishin, S.A. Dambinova, M.A. Davtyan, N.D. Eshchenko, E.M. Khvatova, G.I. Kovalev, V.S. Kudrin, B.I. Kurganov, B.N. Manukhin, K.A. Markossian, A.M. Mendzheritsky, D.G. Mikeladze, S.G. Morozov, M.A. Ostrovsky, L.F. Panchenko, V.O. Popov, N.K. Popova, K.S. Rayevsky, V.V. Sherstnev, E.S. Severin, V.P. Skulachev, R.M. Srapionyan, S.L. Stvolinsky, M.V. Ugryumov, M.G. Uzbekov

A. Lajtha (Honorary Editor, USA), B.W. Agranoff (USA), A.B. Dahlstrom (Sweden), D. Dobrota (Slovakia), E. Giacobini (Switzerland), B.R. Hamprecht (Germany), C.W. Heizmann (Switzerland), L. Kaczmarek (Poland), N. Marks (USA), R. Paoletti (Italy), Ch. Richter-Landsberg (Germany), J. de Vellis (USA)

Staff Editor:
Olga N. Nikitina



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  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Neurochemical Journal (Neirokhimiya) provides a source for the communication of the latest findings in all areas of contemporary neurochemistry and other fields of relevance (including molecular biology, biochemistry, physiology, neuroimmunology, pharmacology) in an afford to expand our understanding of the functions of the nervous system. The journal presents papers on functional neurochemistry, nervous system receptors, neurotransmitters, myelin, chromaffin granules and other components of the nervous system, as well as neurophysiological and clinical aspects, behavioral reactions, etc. Relevant topics include structure and function of the nervous system proteins, neuropeptides, nucleic acids, nucleotides, lipids, and other biologically active components.
    The journal is devoted to the rapid publication of regular papers containing the results of original research, reviews highlighting major developments in neurochemistry, short communications, new experimental studies that use neurochemical methodology, descriptions of new methods of value for neurochemistry, theoretical material suggesting novel principles and approaches to neurochemical problems, presentations of new hypotheses and significant findings, discussions, chronicles of congresses, meetings, and conferences with short presentations of the most sensational and timely reports, information on the activity of the Russian and International Neurochemical Societies, as well as advertisements of reagents and equipment.

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    English Language Editing


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    Copyright information


    Original Russian Edition Copyright © 2010 by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Copyright © 2010 by Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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