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Biomedical Sciences - Impact Factor Journals - Neuroscience | Top Impact Factors 2013 for Springer Neuroscience Journals

High Impact Journals in Neuroscience

2013 Impact Factors
We are happy to share with you a selection of the latest high impact factors for Springer journals as released by Thomson Reuters.
Our congratulations go to the editors, boards, reviewers and contributors for their continuous efforts in making these journals a success!

Journals by Impact Factor (descending order) 

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Acta Neuropathologica - IF 9.777 

Neuropsychology Review – IF 5.400 

Molecular Neurobiology - IF 5.286 

Brain Structure and Function – IF 4.567 

Psychopharmacology – IF 3.988 

NeuroMolecular Medicine - IF 3.885 

Neurotherapeutics – IF 3.883 

Brain Imaging and Behavior – IF 3.385 

Journal of NeuroVirology – IF 3.323 

Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology – IF 3.172 

Neurotoxicity Research – IF 3.151 

Neuroinformatics – IF 3.102 

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