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Biomedical Sciences - Human Genetics | Aims and Scope: Water Quality, Exposure and Health

Aims and Scope: Water Quality, Exposure and Health

Water Quality, Exposure and Health is a multidisciplinary journal that focuses on global human health consequences of exposure to water pollution in natural and engineered environments. The journal will provide a unique platform for scientists in this field to exchange ideas and share information on research for the solution of health effects of exposure to water pollution. The journal publishes original research articles and integrative reviews that are relevant to this theme.

The subject areas and scientific fields that are included to the journal are as follows:
* Engineering sciences
* Biogeochemical sciences
* Health sciences
* Exposure analysis and Epidemiology
* Social sciences and public policy
* Mathematical, numerical and statistical methods
* Experimental, data collection and data analysis methods

The following research areas will be highlighted within the scope of the journal:
* Local, regional and global water pollution, exposure and health problems
* Health risk analysis of water pollution, methods of quantification and analysis of risk under uncertainty
* Aquatic biogeochemical processes in natural and engineered systems and health effects
* Statistical and stochastic analysis of water pollution, exposure and health data
* Analytical and numerical methods in exposure analysis of water pollution
* Endocrine disruptors, pathogens, microbes, chemicals and manufactured materials in the water phase and exposure health effects
* Biomarker exposure analysis and health outcome
* Health effects of water contamination related environmental disasters
* Exposure-Dose reconstruction methods and applications
* Multi-pathway and multi-species water pollution and exposure pathway analysis
* Water pollution exposure monitoring and epidemiology
* Social policy and health communication topics related to water pollution and exposure
* Systems management topics in water pollution, exposure and health.