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Copyediting and language polishing

Manuscripts that are accepted for publication will usually be checked by a copyeditor for spelling and formal style. All journals follow certain standards with regard to the presentation of the content and copyeditors make sure that manuscripts conform to these styles. For example, they will check the references against the reference style and correct them if necessary. Any discrepancies between the list and the citation in the text will be pointed out to the author later in the proofs.
If English is not your native language you may want to have your manuscript edited by a native speaker prior to submission. Clear and concise language will help editors and reviewers concentrate on the scientific content of your paper and thus facilitate the peer review process. The following editing service provides language editing for scientific articles in medicine, biomedical and life sciences, chemistry, physics, engineering, business/economics, and humanities. Please contact:
Using an editing service is neither a requirement nor a guarantee of acceptance for publication. Edanz will charge authors directly for these language polishing services.

Further Information 

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