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Springer and Open Access

What is Open Access? 

Open access makes a scientific article freely available to anyone with an internet connection and does not require a journal subscription to read the article. At Springer, authors retain copyright for open access articles and the work is published under a Creative Commons License that allows re-use.
Springer offers a variety of options for you to publish your research as open access with free use to everyone, everywhere. Our open access choices allow you to easily comply with the open access requirements of your institutions, governments and funders.


SpringerOpen is Springer's portfolio of peer-reviewed open access journals covering all disciplines.
SpringerOpen journals are fully and immediately open access and will publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Springer Open Choice 

Springer’s Open Choice program allows authors to decide how their articles are published in leading and highly respected Springer journals. The majority of our journals offer the option of having articles made available with open access: free to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world in return for the payment of an open access publication fee.

Open Access Funding 

Open access publishing is not without costs; the author is charged a publication fee (article-processing charge) for the article to be made freely available online. Visit our open access funding pages to find out how this fee may be covered by institutions and funders worldwide.

Author’s rights at Springer 

Springer is listed as a green publisher at the SHERPA/RoMEO database. We fully understand that access to your work is important to you and to the sponsors of your research. We are here to help you comply with the open access requirements of your funding body and are fully transparent about your rights.

Springer’s experience with Open Access 

In 2004, Springer was the first publisher to offer the open access option for its subscription journals. Ever since, we have continued to be both receptive and proactive in the open access movement.

Further Information 

For further information about any aspect of publishing in Springer journals, please consult our general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact our Author Helpdesk.