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Astronomy - Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences | The PROBA2 Mission - The First Two Years of Solar Observation

The PROBA2 Mission

The First Two Years of Solar Observation

Berghmans, D., Groof, A., Dominique, M., Hochedez, J.-F. (Eds.)

2013, VI, 301 p.


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  • Provides an overview of the PROBA2 spacecraft, its instrumentation and its initial successes
  • Presents the novel techniques and procedures that PROBA2 employs to operate a small science mission, with applications to the spacecraft itself, the instruments, the mission operation canter and the science operation center
  • Discusses unique scientific opportunities that are available as a result of the SWAP and LYRA instruments onboard PROBA2
The PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy (PROBA) missions are a series of microsatellites launched by the European Space Agency (ESA) and intended to provide an in-orbit test platform for new technologies. The second satellite in the series, PROBA2, was launched on November 2, 2009. The primary mission goal of PROBA2 is to perform an in-flight demonstration of a series of new spacecraft technologies. The secondary mission goal is the exploitation of the payload of scientific instruments consisting of two Sun-sensing instruments, the Sun Watcher with Active Pixel Sensor and Image Processing, and the Large Yield Radiometer. Both instruments are unique in a technological sense but also provide unique scientific data for the solar physics community. In this volume, a number of papers are collected that give an overview of the mission, the spacecraft, its instrument and its operations. In addition, the scientific outcome of the mission during the first two years is presented in a series of research papers.  This volume is aimed at graduate students and researchers active in solar physics and space science. Previously published in Solar Physics journal, Vol. 286, No. 1, 2013.

Content Level » Research

Keywords » Coronal Dynamics - EUV Coronal Images - Microsatellite Test Platform - Observing Solar Flares - PROBA2 Satellite - Proba-2 ESA Mission - Solar Atmosphere Studies - Solar Space Observations - UV Radiometric Timelines or Time Series

Related subjects » Applied & Technical Physics - Extraterrestrial Physics, Space Sciences - Mechanical Engineering

Table of contents 

Part I PROBA2 satellite and instrument papers.- Title TBA, on PROBA.- The SWAP EUV Imaging Telescope.- Part I Instrument Overview and Pre-Flight Testing.- The SWAP EUV Imaging Telescope.- Part II In-flight Performance and Calibration.- Title TBA, on LYRA.- Part II The PROBA2 Science Center.- The Projects for Onboard Autonomy (PROBA2) Science Centre: Sun Watcher Using APS Detectors and Image Processing (SWAP) and Large-Yield Radiometer (LYRA) Science Operations and Data Products.- Part III Scientific results from SWAP and LYRA observations.- Formation of a White-Light Jet Within a Quadrupolar Magnetic Configuration.- Study of a Prominence Eruption using PROBA2/SWAP and STEREO/EUVI Data.- Solar TErrestrial Relations Observatory-A (STEREO-A) and PRoject for On-Board Autonomy 2 (PROBA2) Quadrature Observations of Reflections of Three EUV Waves from a Coronal Hole.- Detection of Solar Rotational Variability in the Large Yield RAdiometer (LYRA) 190 - 222 nm Spectral Band.- Eclipses Observed by Large Yield RAdiometer (LYRA) - A Sensitive Tool to Test Models for the Solar Irradiance.- Dynamics of Coronal Bright Points as Seen by Sun Watcher Using Active Pixel System Detector and Image Processing (SWAP), Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA), and Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI).- Prominence-cavity regions observed using SWAP 17.4 nm filtergrams and simultaneous eclipse flash spectra.- SoFAST: Automated Flare Detection with the PROBA2/SWAP EUV Imager.- Sun-as-a-Star Observation of Flares in Lyman alpha by the PROBA2/LYRA radiometer.- Title TBA, on CLAIRE.

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