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Following the India Route 

The cross-cultural internship program at Crest Premedia Solutions in Pune, India, gives university graduates a fascinating insight into India’s business and culture.
During their six-month stay, interns gain valuable work experience in India while also getting to know the local culture and taking part in a social development project. These three components are our important contribution to intercultural understanding.
Twice a year at the beginning of February and August, a new group of German and Dutch interns set off for Pune. Each group is prepared for their Indian stay in a comprehensive introduction event in Heidelberg and assimilated through a varied culture program on location in India.
The interns support our colleagues in the pre-editing, paging, graphic or marketing departments in varied pre-media projects and as a result get to know the tasks and work processes in pre-press thoroughly.
Alongside the appropriate university degree in the area of publishing production, print and media technology, media/media design, graphic design or arts, the German and Dutch applicants should also fulfill the following requirements:
  • excellent German or Dutch skills, respectively, as well as written and spoken English, further languages advantageous
  • experience in publishing, preferably in production
  • excellent MS Office skills
  • ideally basic experience in photo editing programs InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or Flash
  • intercultural and social competence, gained through experience (work or study) abroad
  • interest in the Indian culture
  • ability to adapt to and assimilate into a new culture
  • above-average commitment and the ability to work under pressure
Would you like to learn more about the cross-cultural internship? Then take a look at some of the reports from previous interns.
On conclusion of this internship, depending on suitability, we offer an attractive and challenging entry position as Project Manager at Crest.


Thomas De Meyer, Intern at Crest Premedia Solutions, Pune/India (Aug 2013 to Feb 2014) 

While finishing my Masters in History, I decided that I wanted to gain some experience working and living abroad. Luckily enough, I came across Springer’s Cross Cultural Internship, and was able to secure myself a position with Batch 15. As a history student and ferocious reader I have always had a great interest in the writing and production of books, which formed an immediate attraction to me. That the internship took place in India was the cherry on the cake, as I had dealt with the history of the country extensively during my studies, and was very much interested in seeing the places I had read about.
In this I was not disappointed, as during the internship I was able to take enough time to visit the lively metropolis of Mumbai, as well as the striking cave temples of Ajanta and Ellora, the enigmatic ruins of Vijayanagara and the beautiful backwaters of Kochi. Furthermore, several outings organized by the company took us to places closer to Pune, and so I was also able to visit the hill stations surrounding the city, as well as the beach and island fortress at Murud.
However, the travelling around turned out to only be a small part of the actual experience. More important, and in the end much more rewarding, was the work at Crest, and the contact and exchanges I had with my colleagues. After a short stint with quality control for Dutch books, on my own request I was placed in the recently formed Total Services Team for English as a Production Editor. As TSV Editor I was responsible for receiving checking and, where necessary, amending the manuscript sent in by either the New York or Dordrecht offices. Afterwards, I was to monitor the manuscript throughout the production process, and check the final version before sending it off to the printer. This was quite some responsibility, and had the added benefit of showing me the whole process by which books were prepared for print.
The job also entailed that I was in contact with and dependent upon other parts of the Indian team. This could be at times surprising, intriguing, and stimulating (and yes, occasionally infuriating), and made me look both at my own methods of work, as well as those of my Indian colleagues. For those lucky enough to go to India after me I will not ruin the surprise, but rest assured that you will come back with some very interesting new insights, both in the Indian culture as well as your own!

Alexandra Stegner, intern at Crest Premedia Solutions, Pune / India (Aug 2012 to Feb 2013), since April 2013 Production Editor at Scientific Publishing Services, Chennai / India 

For six months I already had the chance to live in India and to get to know the Indian hospitality, the delicious food as well as the incredible landscape. As I enjoyed the internship at Crest in Pune so much I immediately said yes when I was asked by Springer if I would like to continue to work at another Indian typesetter. In preparation for my new role I spent a couple of weeks at the book production in Heidelberg, Germany, and mid of April I already found myself on a plane to Chennai where I joined the new book production team for German-language titles at Scientific Publishing Services. Although I have only been in Chennai for little more than two months I already feel really comfortable and have no regrets at all about coming here! The beach, beautiful gardens, but especially the many street stalls with fresh exotic fruits made me instantly fall in love with the city! My colleagues gave me a very friendly reception and the work is really exciting, too. The team has just started, thus many more colleagues are going to join and I will be able to help with their training. The work process has to be newly considered and yet to be defined. Which means: there is a lot to do and a lot to learn in a friendly, helpful environment! During the internship Springer Germany as well as the sub-company Scientific Publishing Services are going to support each and every step: from the direct flight Frankfurt–Chennai as well as the accommodation close to the office premises, to trips out of town – everything will be organized for the interns in Chennai. So let yourself in for an Indian adventure and enjoy six months in an exotic culture and an exciting work environment!

Tanja Jäger, Intern at Crest Premedia Solutions, Pune / India (Aug. 2010 to Feb. 2011) 

Tanja Jäger
Going abroad right after my studies – with Springer’s Cross Cultural Internship, I was able to fulfill this dream.
Only days after handing in my Bachelor’s thesis, I found myself on my way to India, along with five other interns. After the friendly reception we received at Crest and thanks to the preparations and travel arrangements provided by Springer, we soon felt right at home, without the culture shock we had all expected.
After intensive training, I worked in the Project Management Team, in which I supported the production process for German titles. At the same time I was the communication liaison between Springer Germany and Crest India, which to be honest wasn’t always easy. But for me personally the day-to-day work with our Indian colleagues was the most exciting aspect, and the friendships that we formed were the best part of my time there.
We interns gained insights into the Indian culture and way of life that most tourists never share in. We were invited to join in weddings, dinners, birthdays, holiday celebrations – or just a hot cup of masala chai – and got to know India’s warm-hearted hospitality.
Of course it took us some time to get accustomed to life in India. But the experiences were unique and indescribable. I can recommend this internship at Crest to anyone who is open and receptive for other cultures. After my six months in India, I now approach a lot of things with more patience and calm.
Following the internship I was offered a position at Springer Heidelberg, where I am now working as a Project Coordinator. This means I can both professionally and personally keep in touch with my “old” Indian colleagues, who I really grew fond of in the course of my internship.

Serieke Ruyter, Intern at Crest Premedia Solutions, Pune / India (Aug. 2010 to Feb. 2011) 

Serieke Ruyter
My decision to apply for the Cross Cultural Internship of Springer was fairly spontaneous. I studied Latin American Languages and Cultures and Portuguese Translation, so going to India did not seem like the most obvious decision to make.
However, after all those years of book learning, I felt the urge to gain some practical experience. As I had always been interested to know more about publishing, it seemed like a wonderful opportunity to be able to combine this interest with another passion of mine: getting to know foreign countries and cultures. Furthermore, the total package of the internship was very complete, containing among other things great housing facilities close to the office, introduction days in Heidelberg, the journey to India and several sightseeing trips to beautiful places.
During the first couple of weeks in India we attended several lectures on the different departments of Crest Premedia Solutions. For some of my fellow interns, who had previous experience in the publishing business, a lot of this information was known already. However, for me everything was new, and I gained a lot of knowledge about the working structure within a pre-press company.
After the introduction weeks we were to be placed in a department. I was working in the Project Management Department, handling the contact with the Dutch publisher Bohn Stafleu van Loghum (BSL). I did this job together with another Dutch intern, and with our Indian colleagues. We received and checked all the different incoming jobs from BSL, ranging from the typesetting of books and image processing to data conversion, and we made sure they got to the right department. We managed deadlines, and maintained the communication flow between Crest and BSL regarding delivery dates and production queries. In this function I learned a lot about the general structure of the company, and about the work involved in publishing books.
Of course it was not only during working hours that I learned, also the experience of living in India was very enriching. Some of the things I learned are how to haggle about prices (especially with rickshaw drivers), how to eat spicy delicious Indian food using only my right hand and how to drape an Indian-style scarf over my shoulders. The contact with my friendly Indian colleagues gave me a greater insight into Indian culture and customs. All in all, it was a very valuable experience to work and live in India. Something I’ll never forget!
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