Springer International Editions (SIE)

Springer has and continues to develop an exciting package of textbooks that are low priced, for high-level graduate and post graduate courses.
These Springer International Editions (SIE) covers subject areas that include Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Sciences, Management, Mathematics and Physics. These textbooks, all written in English are exact reproductions of their original higher priced editions.
Springer International Editions meet a demand that students, professionals and their patron institutions in developing countries have long been requesting but have hardly ever been able to afford. Springer India will also continue to produce Springer International Editions of numerous new Springer book publications so that an element of continuity (many new titles added to each subject area each year) in this project is established.
Each title in the Springer International Edition list is unique in itself and will fill a very large ‘tertiary’ gap and prove to be useful to researchers, lecturers and students in libraries and reading rooms, for course adoption , personal collection and reference purposes in developing countries.
For further assistance, please contact Vice President Trade Sales, Timothy Griswold - timothy.griswold@springer.com.