(Senior) Medical Editor (6 months freelancer)


(Senior) Medical Editor (6 months freelancer)


Springer Beijing Representative Office, Beijing, China

Reporting Line 

Senior Account Manager

Duties and Responsibilities 

• Responsible for implementation and quality control of Journal Local Edition (JLE) in which she will follow up the publication plan and ensure the high quality for the translations
• Communicating with EB members of JLE, part-time translator and review experts, assigning their tasks and ensuring the finishing of the final draft before the deadline. Calculating the payment to the person who involved in JLE based on their workload, quality and the difficulty
• Reporting process of JLE to local editor in chief and client
Establishing Work Plans for reprint and other inquires of customized project
• Preparing all of logistics and ppt for local editorial board meeting

Required Education and Experience: 

• Clinical Medicine related major is a must
• Fluent written and spoken English
• Work under pressure
• Strong organizational skills, detail oriented, and capable to handle multiple priorities.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, good team player.

Apply for this Position: 

Potential candidates who meet our requirements may apply with a cover letter and full resume in both English and Chinese, availability and contact details to hr.bj@springer.com. Please quote the job title under your email subject.