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MARC Records & eBook Title List Download Tool

Here, you can download your Springer eBooks title list, the title list of SpringerProtocols as well as the MARC records tailored to your collection(s).

Springer’s Metadata Policy 

As Springer takes into account the growing need for freely available metadata we are making our original MARC records available under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license for free use. The CC0 license applies for all Springer MARC21 and MARCxml records offered through the MARC download tool.
For OCLC Springer MARC records the OCLC policy applies:


  • Select the subject collection(s) that you need by ticking off the checkbox in front of it.[*]
    - If you tick off the check box in the grey bar automatically all collections underneath are selected.
    - If you want to view individual collections, click on the grey bar and the options will automatically be shown.
    - SpringerProtocols is a separate eProduct from eBooks and is only available in English.
  • Subject classification selection is optional and may be used in combination with subject collections or on their own.
    Selecting any top-level term (e.g. Engineering) will include all of the topics within that classification. But there is no ‘select all’ function, as there is for subject collections.
  • Book series may optionally be selected by entering a title word in the search box. You will be presented with a search results list to choose one series from. Each series must be selected separately.
  • Select your copyright year(s).[*]
  • NOTE: multiple selections are combined using the Boolean OR operator, for maximum results.
  • You may also include or exclude specific ISBNs, by entering them in the textbox. Click “Enter ISBNs…” to open. You may enter print and/or electronic ISBNs, with our without hyphens but you must enter only one ISBN per line. For example:
  • Choose your download options [*]:
    - eBook title list
    - MARC records in MARC21
    - MARC records in MARCXML
    - In addition, you can opt to have your list grouped by year and/or discipline.
  • Select the Record Date to download either all records or only those created after date X.
  • Click “download”, to have your file generated on the fly!
    - Your file(s) will be in zip format.
[*] Are required selections

Start Downloading: 

Forthcoming Titles and eBooks without eRights 

These reports are typically updated the first week of each month.

SpringerProtocols MARC Record Archive Files 

Book Series Archives 

The pre-2005 titles in the Springer major bookseries are in the process of being linked to Springer Book Archives. In order to enable you to pull the complete records set for titles prior to 2005, for Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Mathematics and Lecture Notes in Physics are available in the following file:

MARC Records for the French and Italian Language Packages 

These are the Springer MARC records for the Springer eBook collection of French language titles, and the Springer eBook collection of Italian language titles.
  • Both packages range from 2005 till 2013, year to date.
  • The French language collection is exclusively available in French speaking countries.
  • The Italian language collection is exclusively available in Italian speaking countries.

The Complete Book Series List 

At any time you can consult our complete book series list by clicking on the "advanced search" option at the top right of this and all springer.com pages. The top part of the advanced search page shows a link called:

MARC Record Corrections & Retractions 

Access Relevant Data Clean-Ups March 1st, 2014 

To improve the data consistency between SpringerLink and Springer MARC records Springer has been updating subject collection, language and copyright year data fields for eBooks (both SBA and contemporary collections) over the past month or so. This results in:
  • changes of MARC records released on March 1st 2014 and
  • the number of titles per subject collection on SpringerLink
-- Access --
Customers will NOT lose SpringerLink access to any titles because of any of these changes. However, the number of titles in each subject collection may be different than prior to this project. These changes are the results of subject collection and language assignment updates. As a result of these corrections, some customers will have access to additional content that they have not previously.‎ All changes will be complete by 28 February.
-- Why is this project necessary? --
SpringerLink uses a different source of metadata from the downloader tool, which provides both Springer MARC records and eBook title lists. Over time, the different sources have resulted in discrepancies due to an outdated workflow that is being corrected. This project ensures that title lists and numbers match in both sources.
-- MARC Records --
The MARC records changes concern only language and copyright year and not subject collections (which determine eBook package) but please note that a language correction has in most cases a change of the eBook package as a result. The new and corrected records are available on the downloader on March 1st. OCLC will update their collection sets accordingly.
We recommend replacing existing records with the corrected MARC records in your library catalog. A list with corrected records is available below. This list only contains changes of MARC records, changes on SpringerLink that don’t affect the MARC records are excluded from the list.
-- SpringerLink --
Subject collection (= eBook package) corrections were made on SpringerLink to ensure that the data is consistent with the MARC records. This means that the eBook package information in the MARC record was already correct and we adjusted the data on SpringerLink only. The clean-ups of SpringerLink data have include copyright year and language changes too. The reason is that the MARC record and the titles lists from the MARC downloader were already correct but the information on SpringerLink was not. As a reminder, none of the changes described here result in lost access to any purchased content.
Questions about MARC records may be addressed to MARC@springer.com


The MARC download tool has been enhanced with the option to download lists that include deleted MARC records (= Retractions). Deleted records are those that were once included on the downloader but have since been removed because the content is not available on SpringerLink. The functionality can be selected under “Format/Deleted MARC Records” and works like the usual selection of records and titles lists. This functionality replaces the retraction excel lists published here the year before.