“An exciting, original approach how we can fast track the green economy and green finance by combining opportunity and responsibility in new compelling ways. Max’s book is an exciting, practical toolbox that can help us terminate the climate change problem. After reading it, you wonder why we had not thought about this before.” - Terry Tamminen, President, 7th Generation Advisors, Former Secretary, California Environmental Protection Agency and Chief Policy Advisor to the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
“Max has written here an important book, full of his characteristic insight and thoroughness. You will be left in no doubt that impact investing has enormous promise and that significant additional resources need to flow into it if the world is to solve the huge problems now before us.” - Matthew Bishop, US Business Editor and New York Bureau Chief of The Economist
“Martin’s book provides a fascinating, carefully argued and case-study rich examination of the challenges and great opportunities to turbo-charge the Impact Investing movement.” - Robert Glauber, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, former U.S. Under Secretary of the Treasury
“Maximilian Martin is able to capture the urgency as well as the systemic nature of change in his brilliantly practical and solutions oriented book ‘Building the Impact Economy.’ This urgency for meaningful transformation is shared by thousands of impact investors who see their impact portfolios not as an exercise to make more money, or even as proof-points for meaningful impact, but as an expression of who they really are and the change they want to see. In this book, Max has put together a wonderfully illuminating and practical roadmap for the world’s impact investors and their investees.” - Charly Kleissner, Ph.D., Co-Founder KL Felicitas Foundation, Toniic, 100% IMPACT Network, Social-Impact International
“This book provides a highly ambitious, actionable, and readable framework to get us from mere diagnosis of the world’s problems to all-encompassing, real steps forward, including with the energy transition. A major contribution to aligning entrepreneurial value creation with the ideal of the honorable merchant in our world today, and most valuable guidance for professionals and talent of any age who want to make a difference in times of rapid change.” - Rupert Antes, Executive Director, Haniel Foundation
“As an entrepreneur, I believe in finding innovation. As a philanthropist, in innovation to change the reality for those who are less privileged. Maximilian Martin provides a most stimulating synthesis how new value propositions in business and investment can tick both boxes, and how to concretely come up with them. Required reading for my fellow entrepreneurs.” - Yann Borgstedt, entrepreneur and Founder, Womanity Foundation
“Building the Impact Economy is striking both for its originality and for its contribution to the policy debate on new approaches to old problems. Connecting sustainable business innovation, global supply chains, renewable energy, and capital markets, it sheds a new light on the massive potential of social impact investing. Martin also shows the crucial role of smart government in enabling innovation ecosystems. Policymakers and investors will enjoy the many actionable insights and case studies.” - Kieron Boyle, Head of Social Investment, Government Innovation Group, UK Cabinet Office
“An inspiring and illuminating roadmap for the way we run, and invest in, the market economy. Martin comes up with new win-win scenarios that will help sort out the great environmental and social problems that are facing us. He suggests doing so by leveraging private initiative, science and capital markets. The women who work in global supply chains and produce the clothes we wear are among those who stand to benefit the most. The book’s many practical recommendations being implemented with the ambition level now required—that’s a story I would like to tell.” - Kim Brizzolara, feature film and documentary producer & private investor, Executive Vice Chair of the Hampton’s International Film Festival
“The next decade is likely to be a period of profound change for organizations working in the social sector as private capital, innovation and entrepreneurship are increasingly channeled into delivering public goods and solving problems. Maximilian Martin has been working at the cutting edge of impact investing for many years and draws extensively and insightfully on this experience in his new book. A very important read for current and aspiring leaders who are seeking to drive social impact, as this nascent financing revolution gathers pace and changes the rules of the game.” - Gib Bulloch, Founder, Accenture Development Partnerships
“Maximilian Martin has written the best book that I have seen on enlisting sustainable investing to solve today’s urgent problems in energy, upgrading manufacturing in emerging markets, and business innovation. His writing is lively, full of relevant case studies, and rich in insights. A must read for novice and seasoned sustainable investors alike.” - Andreas Ernst, Head of Impact Investing, UBS
“Capital markets have a unique power to direct resources to the new win-win of profit and impact. Based on a very thorough analysis of the opportunity, Martin develops a most compelling roadmap how to make sustainable business and investing the main show in town. Exactly what’s needed if we want to get out of the current impasse, and required reading for anyone who cares and invests money.” - Alois Flatz, Co-Founder DowJones Sustainability Index, and Venture Partner, Zouk Capital LLP
“A must-read for members of the online tribe who are asking themselves how our digital prowess can help us make real progress where it hurts: global supply chains, the energy transition, big business and capital markets. For business and investing, the book is just as disruptive as the Internet of Things was for the world of digital. Turning around the ship has just become so much more compelling.” - Andreas Gebhard, Co-Founder & CEO of re:publica & Co-Founder of newthinking, Berlin
“This book is important. It will make a tremendous difference in how we perceive current economic models, the role of investments and entrepreneurship. It will hopefully motivate us all to reflect on the many changes needed—and concretely outlined in this book—in order to change (and not perpetuate) the current status quo. The tools and methods are clearly explained. It is now up to us to run with them.” - Professor Walter Leal, Director International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP), and review editor of Working Group II of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
“A vademecum in today’s world of business and finance, where we know much is at stake but are often unsure how to deal with the root causes. Martin persuasively argues that the new win-win must use technology and innovative financing to achieve sustainability and competitiveness goals at the same time. Essential reading for all those of us who set up the structures of corporate entities and foundations that condition practice long after the founders have left the bridge.” - Benoît Merkt, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin
“I hope that this book will shatter dogmas. With the current climate talks in Paris, its publication is especially timely—for it advances exciting insights how to accelerate the energy transition as well. It is with great pleasure that I recommend this book as a most ambitious solution statement on how to best address these pressing challenges.” - Daniel Schwartz, co-founder of telecommunications bandwidth exchange Arbinet
“As a serial entrepreneur, I built many businesses in energy and other fields—always working hard to get both profits and values right. Max’s inspiring book shows how to systematically amplify individual genius and commitment to engineer new business and investment propositions in the key theaters where we need to move beyond talk about solving the world’s problems. Electrifying reading that answers the entrepreneur’s how-to questions, and essential for anyone who wants emerging markets to truly thrive.” - Rory Stear, serial entrepreneur, Executive Chairman, Flambard Capital, United Kingdom, and Chairman of the Board, Business School, Nelson Mandela University
“A highly innovative and promising approach, which takes into account the changing division of labor between business, civil society and government in addressing our world’s most urgent challenges, and proposes to step up solution formulation using modern finance. Managers and investment professionals should read this book as a practical roadmap for innovation that matters.” - Thomas Straub, Professor of International Management & Director of the Executive Education, Faculty GSEM, University of Geneva
“Dr. Maximilian Martin has created a work that not only comes quickly to the point but also shows decision-makers in the area of sustainability with supply chain responsibility a vision that is both feasible and has implementation potential. ‘Impact Economy’ is exactly the key with political practicability not only to discuss changes but to also realize them. I recommend this work to all ‘movers and shakers’ in the industry to start the long overdue adjustments regarding the gap between humanity’s demands on resources and the planet’s biocapacity.” - Peter Waeber, Founder and CEO bluesign technologies, Switzerland